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The Purpose Of Reality Creation

"Hello dearest Family of Light. It is with great pride that I deliver this message to you today! I am your brother of light and your guardian – Ascended Master Saint Francis. I am so very excited to have this opportunity to share with you, the perspectives that I have gained within my many life times as a Physical Being. Shall we begin?

There are many of you at this time that are perceiving struggle in your manifestation endeavors. You have selected the things that you desire, and you have performed your visualizations and affirmations with little success. Today, I want to talk to you about why this is. Dear ones, there is much that has been forgotten, or shall we say “overlooked”, in many of your modern day reality creation teachings. There are many of you that have taken on this reality creation process with limiting intentions at the core root of your deliberate creation endeavors. You have desired to achieve things like bigger homes, nicer cars, more money and newer clothes, and although there is nothing at all wrong with desiring these things, you have forgotten the sole purpose of the reality creation process. This process exists to assist the True You on the physical journey. This process exists for physical growth and expansion, not to serve every physical whim. Now, please allow me to explain: there is nothing at all wrong with desiring nice things, in fact, part of your physical journey is to experience all the joys that physicality has to offer.

BUT, when your primary focus becomes searching for material possessions alone, the process is doomed to fail. You see, what so many of you neglect to grasp is that it is not the physical body that is in charge of the journey, it is the true you, your Higher Self. It is not the physical mind that is in charge either, for the physical mind is under the control of the true you as well. So, what does this all mean? Well, simply put, you must come to understand that you have a greater purpose than merely accumulating things. You have a great purpose to assist the world and when you do not factor this strong desire into your manifestation endeavors, you will find little success with the entire process; as you have a deeper prodding, a desire within you, preventing you from allowing Self to get off course. For if you were to spend years and years chasing every desire, you would stray from your path and not serve the great purpose you have come forth to serve. So know this dear family, reach for the dreams you desire.

Achieve that nice house and those fancy clothes, if it is your desire to do so, but also spend your manifestation energy on chasing your global dreams. Spend an equal amount of time seeking out your global purpose or you will not find the joy you require to obtain the material items you desire. For you see dearest friends, the joy you seek cannot be found in material items, but only in the journey to the light AND on the path of assisting others to the light. I have greatly enjoyed this conversation. We will speak again dearest friends. Saint Francis"

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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