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The Power Of Being You

"Hello dearest Family of Light. We are most pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you. We have come today to deliver a message of the utmost importance, that we feel would benefit many of you during this time of rapid change. To our beloved physical members of the Family of Light, we are so very pleased with your progress on the ground! We are so very pleased with the leaps and bounds you have taken in your own personal growth and expansion and we are so pleased with your willingness to assist others, while you partake in the beautiful journey of physicality. Some of you have come to understand your purpose in this life; you have been shown glimpses of what is to come for you, but for many of you, you still wander searching for the answers to your purpose in your life. Well dearest ones, this message is in fact for both groups of beings: those who know their desired path and those who do not. This message is for both of you, for both of you struggle with the same core issue. Both of you fail to see the nature of your power and have blinded your selves from just how truly precious your uniqueness is.

So many of you seek answers. You are constantly searching for signs that will tell you where to go and what to do next. You scour your world, desperately longing for the information that you believe will point you in the right direction. You believe you are here to change the world, this is most certainly true, but you ponder the meaning behind this belief and you argue how you could possibly achieve this dream. On the other hand, there are of course many of you who know precisely what it is that you desire to achieve and yet you have doubts that still prevent you from achieving these desires and as a result, you find your Self no further ahead than those who have not yet had their path revealed. Well dearest friends, for those of you that find your Selves in this very same boat, so to speak, it is time to pay attention. It is time to listen up, for we will deliver the most important secret to all of your dreams and desires. It is not in any other source that you will find the answers and the strength to then pursue these answers; it is only within you. It is only within you that you will find the love, support and encouragement that you need. It is only within you that you will find your greatest cheerleader and your biggest fan! Dearest ones, you must come to embrace the greatest gift and most powerful ally that you have: YOU!

At this very moment, you doubt your own strength. You doubt what you are capable of and you doubt the true power of simply being YOU! There is not a day that goes by that you do not worry about the words of another or the thoughts of another to some degree. For if you were not plagued by this, you would most certainly be living Your Heaven on Earth, free of any fears or doubts in your path. You must understand that the only thing that holds you back from achieving your dreams, and really your life’s purpose, is your lack of Self Worth. There is nothing more to it. All fears and all doubts, all buts and all excuses would simply fail to exist if you realized just how special you truly are. All confusion and longing for clarity would pass, if you simply acknowledged that you are capable of receiving every answer you desire. You would have all the answers you seek, if you simply let go of the doubt that you are not worthy to receive these answers! Dearest friends, you must come to understand the beauty that is you and begin to see the true power of being you! Do not let the thoughts or words of another bring you down. Fly high dearest ones and chase your own dreams, knowing that your dreams are not meant to be like anyone else’s. You must remember that you are the advocates for change; you are the warriors of light and your new and innovative ways of thinking will not always resonate with the ways of the past, but dearest ones remember this is how it must be. YOU MUST shine your light and bring about this change. YOU MUST show the world that there is another way. So whatever your fears, whatever your excuses and what ifs, it is time to cast them aside. It is time to step into your power and know that you are right – that your way is the right way, for it is the right way for you! Know that whatever path you are headed down, is precisely where you need to be and know, most precious and beautiful family of light, that you will only find your power in truly allowing your self to be YOU! We love you dearly and we thank YOU for all that you do.

Love and Light and All things Bright – Your Non Physical Family of Light"

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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