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The Truth About Money

"Good day dearest family of Light! I am most eager to have this opportunity to speak with you today! Allow me to introduce myself, it is I, Krishna, your brother and ascended master of the truths. I have come forward today to reach out to those that resonate with my teachings. My dearest brothers and sisters, I reach out today to show you that your questions and your prayers have not gone unanswered. I am with you now and always, working with you to ensure that you have what it is that you desire. My dear family, today I wish to speak with you about a most important topic that plagues many of you. Some may wonder why it is that I have chosen to deliver this topic and to that I would respond that I have done so to represent a particular ideology that has led many of you to believe that your desires and wants make you a “bad” person. I have chosen to deliver this message to clear up a few things on this concept of money. Now, please allow it to be made known, to the readers of this message, that I do not only offer this message to my students, as I believe this message will benefit so many of you. Allow it to be known that I simply chose to deliver this message, so that I may offer my light as a beacon to all that resonate with the teachings of my time.

So what is there that can be said about this concept of money that will not cause panic amongst you? This topic seams to cause such distress and is the trigger of varying heated debates. Although we in the non-physical understand and appreciate your perspectives, we do not share many of your views on this concept of money. Today, I wish to broaden your perspectives and in doing so perform my greatest function of allowing you to see past your limiting beliefs and allowing you to begin receiving the abundance that you are so desperately seeking.

To begin, allow me to be clear: Money IS NOT the root of all evil. Money is not something that should be feared and scoffed at. It is not a separate entity, unto itself, that forces one to act evil or separate ones Self from another. Money is but a tangible manifestation for energy and your physical world’s system for a means of exchange. Many of you have allowed your Self to become “up in arms” about this concept of money, for no reason other than your own fear of money. Many are unkind to another, simply because they believe that another should not receive the money they want or another should not desire the money they have. Many do this for no reason other than the desire to make themselves feel superior for being able to see the “truth” of this supposed evil thing. When in reality, all that they have done is separate themselves from their brothers and sisters and in turn deny their Self the opportunity for abundance.

So that you are able to properly understand the point that I am trying to make, allow me to explain how we in the non-physical perceive money. EVERYTHING that exists in physical form is but the manifestation of the mental and spiritual planes. In the non-physical realms, the process of creation involves intention and the exchange of energy for that which is desired. In the physical this is no different. You ask, you allow the energy to create, and you receive. There is nothing more to it. Now, what has occurred throughout the ages is that man has become immersed in 3 Dimensional consciousness, and what this means is that all concepts related to energy exchange have reflected this 3D thinking. In other words, man forgot his ability to consciously create and so man began to create from a physical perspective only. This resulted in a tangible monetary system that reflected the thought process of the un-awakened man. Allow me to explain further. Because the physical is a reflection of the nonphysical, the system of monetary exchange reflects the spiritual process of exchange as follows:

NON PHYSICAL THINKING – Source energy creates all that is needed

Intention –> Allow energy exchange from the source creator –> Receive Creation

PHYSICAL 3D THINKING – Man creates all that is needed

Intention –> Proceed to work hard to acquire the means of exchange for what is desired –> Collect the means of exchange for what is desired –> Transfer the tangible means of exchange for what is desired –> Receive Creation

In reality, source energy is still responsible for all creation, but the physical mind, from its limited perspectives has come to believe that it is man that creates all that exists. And so, the mind has then proceeded to create a system that would allow a tangible exchange to exist. Such a tangible system was necessary, as physical man perceived himself as being the only source of achieving what was desired. The truth however, is so very much different from 3 Dimensional thinking. In reality, what you want you are capable of receiving without any effort on your part other than the Intention or the asking. This is the truth, but your level of consciousness prevents you from accepting these truths. This is of course no concern as you will learn to manifest in such a manner, when you are ready. So know this my dear family, your monetary system only exists the way it does because it is a reflection of the “normal perspectives” on reality creation. As those around you begin to expand their understandings, the monetary system will reflect this change.

Now, we must also address this limiting concept that money is “the root of all evil”. This again is a very limiting thought process. As I have indicated above, the monetary system is nothing more than a tangible manifestation of the collective thoughts and therefor the money itself is not the problem, it is the thought pattern of the masses. Furthermore, when understood from this perspective, one could analyze this further and say that it is most certainly not the fault of the money and in fact the fault lies in the denial of said money. If all in the world allowed themselves abundance, you would not find your Self in the situation you do now. You would not find this imbalance of money, where some have plenty and others have little. All would have abundance and ALL would have financial freedom. It is merely your limiting beliefs regarding money, a neutral resource, that prevents you from changing this monetary system you say you do not like! Change your thoughts and you will change the outcome. IT IS LAW! Alright my beautiful beings of light, I am complete on this subject and I hope you have enjoyed our time together as much as I have. Enjoy this life, it is a great blessing indeed! All my love, Krishna"

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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