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The Individual Soul

"Hello dearest Family of Light, it is I, Archangel Michael. Along with my Angelic Brothers and Sisters of the Light, we the Archangels wish to deliver a most pressing message. The time has come for a new form of communication through this channel and through this message, we will begin the process of a new era of understanding for the masses. Today we would like to begin by expanding upon the origins of the human race. There is so much that must be understood on this topic, but as always we offer caution. You must remember that this information is merely to guide you on your path and is not being offered as a means to confuse or allow you to become trapped in the past. You must understand that all information regarding your “previous” experiences is only called forward to assist you in the now. So please, in discovering what we will tell you, keep your eyes on the prize and your attention moving forward.

So, where to begin. So many of you have come to realize the nature of who you truly are; that you are spirit and not the physical body that you see before you. You are not confined to the physical world, any more than you are confined to the physical form. Many have made claims that physical beings are trapped in the cycle of incarnation and finding themselves playing a never ending game and to this we have a response: Although many may perceive this to be so from limited understandings, this is most certainly not the case. The one thing that all must come to understand is that all is occurring as it was meant to. All is occurring by your will and the collective will of all that encompass our great family. There is no one and we repeat NO ONE trapped against their will. Experiencing physicality and having the glorious opportunity to grow and expand beyond our “regular” means, is a true honor and a gift. It is an experience that is adored by many and one that so many of you have forgotten was a choice. You look at all of the bad things in your life and the lives of those around you and you wonder why this is all happening. It is happening by your choice of course! This is no punishment, this is a glorious reward. This is a glorious opportunity to experience physicality and rise above the illusions of the physical life. This is a great experience indeed!

What many have forgotten is that the human race is not the beginning nor the end of all that is. It is but one tiny aspect. There is far more to all that is and indeed there is far more to even this Earth than meets the eye. The Earth is a school for learning, that is most true, but even so there is more to understand. The Earth is a means to an end. Allow us to explain what we mean by this. The Earth is a means by which all non-physical beings, who choose to incarnate, are presented with an opportunity to ascend. A means by which they are able to expand their consciousness and achieve a level beyond anything your mind can currently imagine. They are granted the ability to manipulate “time and space”, to exist simultaneously and reconnect their energy in a profound way with all that is. The Earth presents an opportunity to propel the soul to heights that cannot possibly be understood by the physical mind.

There is of course so much more that could be understood about the Earth, but we will leave this for now and continue with our discussion. Many of you have focused so much of your attention on seeing your Self as a collective that you have failed to see the importance of your individual soul. Yes, the all is in the one and the one is in the all, BUT you exist as a very special and precious individualized soul that does not cease to exist even when you graduate onto new levels of consciousness. The soul is infinite and although it exists as one with all that is, it is still an individual soul. When many of you perceive “soul groups”, you believe that you cease to exist within them, but that is not the case. You are an aspect of these groups, as a drop of water is an aspect of the ocean, but you still maintain your own individuality and uniqueness; you are an essential part of the whole! You must come to remember that all that links you to another in the non-physical is your intention. Those that resonate with each other will find each other and exist as one, while still maintaining their individuality. You must recognize the preciousness of the individual soul and the amazing journey it takes along the path of its existence. All beings who reside in the higher realms have been where you are in some form. There is not one that has not had their own journey and their own experiences. We the Archangels, have lived through you and experienced through you and although you perceive us as being separate and in often cases superior to you, that is NOT the case. We are no different than you, because we are you and yet we have our own individual consciousness. We exist as extensions of the source energy and you exist as extension of that same source energy, we are one in the same.

That is all for now dearest family. We have greatly enjoyed this opportunity to speak with you and broaden your perspectives. We love you and will speak soon. Love and light. Your Archangel Family."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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