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The Magic Of Nature

“We send you this topic today to remind you of our existence. We dwell with you on Earth at all times and even though many of you do not see or hear us, this does not mean that we are not here. As you were unable to see the truth of your realty when you were in an unawakened state of spiritual consciousness, so are we unavailable to your perceptions because you cannot yet understand our existence. With the expansion of your Mind will likewise come the expansion of your perceptions and with it, all that exists beyond your current comprehension will be revealed. We are the beings of myth and legend, found in stories of old and fables of ancient times.

We have existed since the dawn of this planet, along with many other elementals and beings of earth’s precious energy. We remind you today to allow your Self to believe in the magic of the fairy tales you have been told, for when you do – when you truly allow your Self to believe in wonder and awe – you will finally see us. Release your Self from your rigid boxes and see the true magic that exists around you Your Fairy Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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