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“This topic comes to you today as a reminder of your great mission to bring about serenity for all life on Earth. This card comes to you today, as reminder of what this great mission entails. You exist in physical form to bring about great change on your planet, through your knowing and your dedication to all things of the light. Today we want to remind you of what this truly means. You must come to see that your role does not mean fighting against the things that you want to change, for fighting against them only advocates what you do not want. You role is not to sit by idly either; you are not to simply ignore what is happening.

Your role is to find the alternative and to focus on the alternative and only the alternative – by not giving any attention to the perceived problem. For you see beautiful family, many of you spend your days in constant struggle with what you perceive to be the darkness. Claiming that you fight against it and yet you are its greatest advocate in your words and in your actions. You spend so much time talking about it and spreading the fear in attempt to “raise awareness” and so little actually focusing on the great alternative! What will you achieve from this mindset? Only fear and more fear. So today we remind you of your great mission to bring about serenity. We remind you that you must choose to focus ONLY on the alternative. Do not be an advocate for the fear, be an advocate for the alternative. Do not sit by idly, stand up for what you believe in and give your attention to that whole heartedly. And through you, these wonderful alternatives will be given the breath of life and you will have succeeded in producing the change you desired. We love you and thank you for this opportunity. Your Star Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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