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Self Reliance

What a beautiful day to deliver such a wonderful message. Today we come to you to discuss the importance of Self Reliance. Why is it that Self Reliance is so important you might wonder? Well simply because it is only within your Self that you will find the courage and the strength required to perform any task in your physical world. It is not by the hand of another or the encouragement of another that you will perform these functions, it is truly via the will of Self. We offer our words to you now to guide you and to bring you to the truth that you have always known within you, but in reality it is you who chooses to stand and make a difference in your own life and the lives of others. It is you who chooses to be brave and take the next step. We understand that there are times when the unknown can be frightening, but we encourage you to take on these periods of unknown with a sense of wonder and intrigue. Trust and have faith in your ability to maneuver through any situation and trust in your ability to be able to see your Self through any troubles you may encounter. Within you, you have the greatest power of all – the power to direct source energy. A mighty gift bestowed upon you, which you have only begun to use to its fullest potential. You can shape and mold the reality around you to anything that you desire and yet you allow your fears to hold you back – thinking that you cannot. Today choose a different path. Today choose to be brave, choose to have faith in Self and choose to believe that you are capable of anything. In the face of your greatest adversity, you may surprise even your Self as you choose the path of the conscious creator and you come out on top! When you see what you are capable of there will be no going back and you will wonder why there was ever fear! Be brave, be wise and choose the path that best suits you. Rely on Self and the source of All That Is, to see that what you desire and require for your path comes to fruition. Do not be fearful – be intrigued and be full of wonder and awe to see the beautiful game of life unfold before you.

We thank you for this time and opportunity to participate in this small way to guiding you to your truths. We are eager to watch you as you grow, expand and step into your power. All of our love, your Elemental and Fae families”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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