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Rest, Relax and Retreat

"Hello our most important Family of Light. What an honor it is to watch over you and guide you, as you partake in this beautiful physical experience. We are always eager to offer our perspectives and today we have a most urgent message for you. Today we wish to express the need for rest, relaxation and the very essential need to Retreat. Many of you have spent this last year in a period of rapid transformation. You have been working on clearing negativity from your life and you have been fearlessly delving into bringing that which no longer serves you to the light for transmutation. You have done a most wonderful job and we are all so very proud of you! But today we want to offer you a little piece of advice. Go easy on your self! You are much to judgmental towards Self and you perform your function of reprogramming Self much like a slave driver, never allowing compassion and the break that is needed to recharge. You drive your Self forward thinking that there is some goal that you are racing towards and yet you fail to see that this whole experience is the goal.

Every moment you live and every breath you take is your victory. You are always succeeding, always moving forward and always achieving your desires. SO TAKE A BREAK! Allow your Self to take your own version of a retreat every now and then. Take a break from the struggle you have created for Self, as you fight Self in this fictitious battle of Good and Evil, and take some YOU time. Learn to embrace and love every single part of you and relish in the knowing that every part of you is beautiful, wonderful and WANTED! Take some time to do whatever it is that brings you Joy. We enjoy watching you partake in whatever it is that makes you smile, but may we suggest a purely physical experience? Watch a movie, go to the spa, play in the mud, climb a tree, dance in the rain, play in a puddle, have dinner with your friends, go buy your self something you desire, etc.! Whatever you prefer to make you smile, but take a break from it all. Spend some time taking care of YOU and the beautiful part of you that has done such a marvelous job. Take a day to be HUMAN – take a day to partake in all of the beauty and Joy that physical life can offer you. Who cares what it is that brings you Joy, just do it and do it wholeheartedly knowing that you deserve this break. You are strong and you are powerful! You have served your Self well and you have stood proudly for us all.

We thank you for your service and we will watch over you with pride as you take this much needed break. All of our love, your Archangel Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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