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Who Is Our Galactic Family of Light?

“Hello to the readers of this message. We are thrilled with this opportunity to deliver these words to you today. We are eager to have our perspectives heard and received so that we may do away with the many limiting beliefs pertaining to who or what we are. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Pleiadians and we are your galactic brothers and sisters of the Family of Light. Allow us to take some time to clear up a few misconceptions about who we are. We are not green men floating above your head and we are not beings who have come to this planet to abduct you and perform copious amounts of studies that would in no way benefit us. We are your family and in no way mean you any harm. We offer this knowledge because we find that there is such a strange perception of this term “Alien” and we believe that many of you do not understand what this term really means. When you address us, you do so as beings that are somehow different than you. Although we have taken on another form, we are simply the same as you, as your True Higher Self, expressing in a different form. Although we may be foreign to your planet, we are in no way different from you.

Your peoples have created many interesting names for those that you perceive as being different. In fact you are masters at “alienation”. You love to classify that which appears to be unique. We want to remind you today that you are but one aspect in this great galactic family. You are but one race of beings that in reality represents a small fraction of the incarnated beings in the universes. Humans are always so self-interested and in reality our culture was very much the same at one time. So why are we here? Why do we communicate with this channel now? Well, we want nothing more than to assist you. We do this because we are tied to your Ascension, as your souls were once tied to ours. Your mind can not comprehend the connectedness and you cannot fathom just how deeply we are all bonded. We come to assist you because we have promised to do so and because in our time, there were others who assisted us in our own planetary ascension.

We want to encourage you to eliminate the fears that you have in regards to what dwells beyond your planet and see the truth that all that exists is simply a different expression of you. Stop giving into the hype of “aliens” and this human ideal that anything different is somehow separate from you. Start seeing the truth that there are various expressions of Source Energy, all over the universes, and we are both representations of the beauty and totality of All That Is. We love you dearly and want nothing more than to begin remerging our consciousness with yours. We want you to understand your place in this galactic family and we want you to begin releasing the unwarranted fears you have of that which dwells among the stars. We are your family. We are your friends and we want nothing more than to assist you. We thank you for this time and we look forward to the day when our existence is not something that you must be convinced of. All of our love and support, your Pleiadian family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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