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Take Charge

“There are many of you at this time, who feel that you are being governed by some force outside of yourselves. Be it by your governments, your leaders, your guardians etc. You blame them for the things you cannot do and you blame them for all of the things that are happening to you that you do not like. Such is the process with humans – to blame those that they perceive as authority figures for leading them down such a path. What we want to remind you of today is the power you have over everything that is happening to you and your world. For you see dearest friends, to blame another for your doing is extremely limiting to your power. And so many of you might say “well brothers how could I possible have created the scenarios that came before my time, which I was simply born into”? And to this we respond: you are the very reason that they continue to exist.

Your choosing to play within their rules and rigid guidelines without accepting your part in it, is precisely why you find your selves in the very situations you do. If you want change, if you want more freedom – then the choice begins with you. It is time that you start taking charge of your situations and it is time that you stop blaming everyone else for the things that you have had a part in collectively creating. Take charge and focus all of your attention on the things that you want and you will see the change in your individual life that the collective will undoubtedly reflect. Thank you for this time. Your Ascended Master Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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