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Letting Go

“Letting go has been a theme for you in the past weeks. You may ask why this is and it is simply because of the energies that surround you now. There are creations within your life that you must learn to see for what they are: simply a choice. You cling to them thinking that it is so very hard to release them and yet you fail to see that it is only your choice tethering you to them. There are times when you are faced with attractions that leave such an energetic imprint upon you, that you struggle greatly with allowing your self to detach from the emotions involved. But let us remind you. These emotions are but an indication that what you are experiencing is not in alignment with the desires of Self. Nothing more. These negative emotions that you feel are simply telling you that what you are experiencing does not serve you best on your path to enlightenment and freedom. So today, we remind you to Let It Go. And we remind you to pay attention to what is really going on inside you when you allow your Self to get attached. Notice what your emotions are truly indicating and find the strength within you to make the choice to release what does not serve you. Do not perceive your Self as weak – For you are anything but. Know your Self as the mighty being that you are and you will move past this freely and easily. Love & light and all things bright. your Faerie Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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