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Dispelling The Illusion of “LIGHT vs DARK” Duality

I suppose I should begin by stating why I have chosen to write this. As of late, I have viewed various social networking postings and received numerous messages regarding fear based information causing concern and confusing Lightworkers. Although I have no intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to the writers of this information, I believe that there are contradictions and misleading information within these fear based messages, which must be addressed. These messages discuss concepts such as: fake beings of light and corrupt beings of darkness manipulating the masses. They go into great detail discussing a battle between light and dark forces and many even proceed to tell you that these dark forces are actually controlling the world. The fact is that in reality, there are no sides and there is no good army and evil army; this notion is simply part of the physical world illusion of duality. All that exists is one and from the one source – not just the “good” beings. In this article, I will discuss this concept of “evil” and the “darkness”, simply because shedding light on these limiting beliefs is essential to overcoming them, but I will do so from a NON fear based perspective.

For those that are not familiar with my work, I am a channel of non-physical beings. I have worked with our non-physical family extensively for some time now and have learned a lot about our existence from them. Their teachings have changed my life immensely and have prepared me for my role as a spiritual advisor and physical messenger for the teachings of the Brotherhood of Light. Although my focus is almost always on the amazing teachings of our Family of Light, in the past few years I have noticed an increase in “channelled” messages that have been written with the sole intention to instill fear and further the illusion of duality. These messages have shed a very false light on the process of channelling and before I continue with this message, I would like to briefly clear up a few things and explain what to look for in an authentic message from any being of Light.

Firstly, it is true that one is most certainly capable of communicating with beings that do not mean to assist them on their Lightworker path, BUT if this happens it is ALWAYS a manifestation of one’s own fear. There are individuals channelling beings that they have called forward with their own fear based intentions, whether intentionally or not, and it is these messages that have led people to believe that channelling is a dangerous and often dark process. In reality, if your intention is set correctly and you have learned to quiet your mind and release your fears, there is absolutely no reason why you are not capable of communicating with any Angel, Ascended Master or any other being of light. Should everyone be attempting channeling before they have done a little self work? Perhaps not; but the fact is channeling is a natural ability and you must go into it understanding the process and what to expect. People need to realize, first and foremost, that fear based channelled messages are a reflection of the individual channelling them. There is no reason to be afraid of channelling or draw the conclusion that all channelled messages are deceitful, simply because you came across one that did not resonate with you. You simply need to understand the channelling process and recognize that this message is serving its purpose and is a reflection of the physical channel, not all non-physical beings. As I have said, you will only communicate with a being that matches your vibration and your intention.

The same goes for any and all channelled material that you happen across. Many say they have read false information from channels, on more than one occasion, and one must wonder why it is that they are constantly attracting this sort of information. What is going on in their own minds to be drawn to this sort of material and what can be learned from this continual attraction? I for one very rarely come across these sorts of messages and when I do, it is simply so that I can learn from them and address the limiting beliefs within them. Hence how this message came to be. In reality, whatever you have seen or learned from another is part of your path. If you have seen things you did not like, it was part of your path and was essential to your journey. So just remember, channelling is a tool that can be used as you see fit. Set your intentions correctly and you will only communicate with beings of love and light!

Now let me explain what an Authentic Message sounds like. Beings of the light do not choose sides and they most certainly do not judge another, “perceived evil beings” included. To label as good or bad is a product of human programming and not of beings of higher consciousness. The beings I channel are non-judgmental, loving and always offer empowering words of wisdom. The Archangels, Ascended Masters and various other beings of light I work with, have encouraged me to see past the illusions of the physical world and to embrace who I truly am. They are always patient, kind and accepting of every choice I make, as they understand that this is my path and they simply want to offer guidance to assist me on my journey. These beings of light have never forced any “plan” on me and have only provided essential reprogramming data, to balance out the limiting data I have received from society. They have told me repeatedly that my reprogramming comes from the True me, Higher Self. They simply provide data so that the mind is then able to release resistance and allow knowing and truths from Self. They have always reminded me that everything that happens to Self, in the physical, is orchestrated by Higher Self. Therefore, all information that I require for reprogramming IS coming from Higher Self and has been attracted by Higher Self to assist on my path.

To begin with the primary discussion of this article I think it is most important to start with the dominant illusion in relation to this concept of the “darkness”: the illusion of the great battle between the light and the dark. Well the reality is that there is no battle between light and dark. I understand that many people believe this, and please know I am not saying that what they believe isn’t real to them and an essential part of their path, but what I am saying is that to believe this is to be blinded by the illusion of the Physical World. What so many have forgotten is the purpose of this physical world and if that were truly remembered, there would be no perceived struggle between the light and the dark. We are here because we desired growth and expansion. We exist in physical form as aspects of our True Selves. The physical form was created so that we could experience a physical life, and as result gain experiences unlike those of our “normal” non-physical existence. The Earth was created to operate as a school, for lack of a better word. A means by which we would struggle with a “perceived” separation from the source and eventually gain the perspectives and physical know how, to overcome this “perceived” separation and graduate. Allow me to make one thing very clear: WE CHOSE THIS PATH. We decided that we desired this experience of a “physical test” and so we set the intention to create the perfect testing grounds. We needed to create a world where we would first be presented with the darkness, so that we could then learn to overcome it. What so many fail to see is that any perceived darkness is OUR creation and the creation of Source. The darkness exists so that we can learn to overcome it, as part of the “overcoming duality” final exam. The darkness exists by our choosing. There is no real battle because all perceived beings of darkness are really ONE WITH US. The perceived darkness IS of the light. This can be a very hard thing to understand, but allow us to look at it this way. ALL COMES FROM SOURCE; not just the “good” people and “good” creations; ALL LIFE and ALL FORM. These perceived beings of “darkness” are also of the source and they are simply fulfilling the role that they must fulfill, in order to provide us with an authentic physical experience for growth and expansion.

If we were to say that there are evil beings running around doing what they feel like against the wishes of source, this would imply that the source is not in control. What so many fail to see is that this notion of darkness only exists for the physical perspective, to assist in the dimensions that are part of the physical learning experience! In the non-physical, beyond the dimensions tied to the physical world, there is NO DARKNESS and there is only light. The fact is, this whole game of physicality IS the desire of Source, as it is our desire, and in reality, we are simply the source experiencing through individual soul aspects. The all is in the one and the one is in the all!

All these things that you perceive as being in contrast to the light, love and beauty of Source (God, or whatever word you choose) are examples of the concept of duality. Duality exists merely for the Physical Worlds. Yes, I did say worlds. There are other physical worlds that have operated and operate as “schools”, this is only one of many. So all you Lightworkers that have come here to help, well some of you passed your ascension test on this planet, or like myself another physical planet, and you are simply here as an expert in overcoming the illusion of physical existence. Although we may not like it, duality was a necessary creation for the purpose of an authentic testing experience. Duality is not the truth of your existence. Good and bad, light and dark ARE NOT REAL. They exist only in the physical worlds, so that you can feel contrast and in feeling this contrast learn to reconnect Authentic Self (Body, Mind & Soul), achieve your A+, and ascend.

Now we must talk specifically about “the dark forces”…. DUN DUN DUN….Alright, maybe joking isn’t appropriate, but the fact is there is no reason to be fearing any dark forces. As I stated earlier, in order to have an authentic experience of overc