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Focus On Your Strengths

Today’s channelled message comes from the Ascended Masters: “Many of you find your Selves unsure of what your function is in this life. You view the strengths of others and you say, “Well perhaps I am to fall into the niche of healing or teaching that they are performing?” You attempt to fit into these roles and yet you still find that something is missing. Today, we want to remind you to find your own strengths. We want to remind you that your function in this life will be as unique as you are. There is not a role on this planet, already formed and established, that was meant for you. For you see dearest advocates of the light, you are the way showers – the great clearers of the path to ascension – and you have come to forge your own way. You have come to establish new roles, and to clear new paths for all. And so we remind you today to focus on your strengths and to build the role that best suits you.

Listen to your knowing and the Divine Guidance telling you what you were born to do and then chase that dream with everything you have. Pay no attention to those who say it cannot be done, for dearest ones you must come to see that the world has never moved forward without those who dared to dream and prove their beliefs. You must embrace your role and embrace the change that you are here to bring. Be you and be proud to be the precious unique version of YOU. All of our love, your Ascended Master family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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