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Higher Consciousness

“Today you are reminded of the necessity for Higher Consciousness. You are here to be physical, yes this is most true, but you have also come forth to serve a most important function. You have come forth to assist in the Ascension, and along with this task comes a continual, and often drastic, elevation in consciousness. You are not meant to be complacent and find solitude in a satisfactory life of happenstance, you are meant to always have the drive to aim higher, to seek deeper truth and deeper meaning. Such is the purpose of your incarnation. And so today, we remind you dearest ones that your purpose in this life is to grow and expand and always seek to elevate your consciousness to new depths and new heights. There is not a being of this planet, serving this function, who does not feel the highs and lows associated with this great purpose.

For with great change, must first come change out of what is. You are not alone in this transition, for even the Earth that bears you must struggle with the change and adaptation of the higher level of consciousness thrust upon it. But from this perceived struggle comes the greatest birth of change and the most beautiful outcome. Have faith in all the changes that are occurring in your own life and embrace the cleansing process, as you transition to higher levels of consciousness. Release the old. Let it pass freely – and embrace who and what you truly are. It is a never ending process and one that will happen irregardless. Why not allow your self peace as it unfolds? Your Elemental and Faerie Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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