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Listen To Your Inner Knowing

“Dearest Family, we come to you today reminding you of the importance of learning to listen to your inner knowing. So many of you have conditioned your Selves to lean on the words of others, so much so that you have forgotten how to follow what feels right to you. You have forgotten that the true programmer, the true source of who you are, resides within and it this aspect of you that will never let you down or fail you in discovering the truths. Understand that we are of course advocates of the wonderful insights and knowledge that can be learned through teachers, such as ourselves, but at the end of the day you must follow what feels right to you – regardless of the level of respect you hold for us or anyone else.

Within you lies everything you will ever need to guide you and teachers such as our selves, simply act as a means for you to collect physical world data to appease the Mind in the process of reprogramming. For you see dearest ones, you have collected much from this world – most of which has caused you to doubt who you are and why you are here. This is data that will not simply cease to exist for the Mind and so we offer our perspectives and our insights to appease the side of you that will not allow your true knowing to shine. And through the reprogramming, provided through us and others like us, your Mind will step aside and allow the true knowing from Higher Self to shine through and guide the way.

We do not offer our perspectives to direct you, we offer our perspectives to undo what has been done by your societal programming, so that you can learn to listen to the true programmer within. Learn to listen for that voice that is YOU and you will find all the answers you need. Love and Light – The Ascended Masters”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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