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“Hello to our Family of Light, what a joy to be given the chance to share our most unique perspectives. We are your Star Family and the card we have chosen for today is Intention! What a most wonderful concept – this concept of Intention. This is the very concept that drives all creation on your planet, for it is your Intention that gives life to all of your creation. For you see, it is your Intention that directs the most wonderful and bountiful Source Energy that dwells within ALL that exists. Today we want to remind you of a few things in regards to this concept of Intention. Firstly, Intention is always the “hidden truth”. You can attempt to cover up Intention with positive words and positive outlooks, but the truth that lies beneath is always the dominant vibration. Do not feel the need to mask that which is only trying to teach you something. Acknowledge and learn and truly allow your Self to move on! Secondly, Intention is the most powerful thing that exists for your physical planet and yet so many of you do not understand how to use it correctly. You do not understand that Intention need not be difficult to set.

You do not need to do copious amounts of mental visualizations and affirmations to achieve what you want, for to do so much work is again hiding the true Intention of believing that setting an Intention is hard! Beloved humans, creation is easy for you. It is your natural birthright. We encourage you today to see past the physical illusions when you think of Reality Creation. Know that it is not difficult and know that it is not mean to be a struggle. Know that this process for you, need only be as difficult as you make it. Find the peace in the process and find your freedom! Don’t try so hard to change what is not yet ready to transition out of your life, accept it as part of what IS for a reason. But ALWAYS place your eye on the prize, ALWAYS accepting what has been Intended as what will be and what exists for you as part of what IS NOW. Do not fear the transition stages from one creation to the next, simply because you perceive the passing of time. Have faith and know that it will come, when you are ready for it. We love you dearly and we watch over you with pride. All of our love your Pleiadean Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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