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Energy Healing

“Today the topic of Energy Healing comes to you by no coincidence. As many of you are aware, you hold within you infinite potential – and with that comes infinite healing potential. Most of you have only begun to grasp the extent to which your healing intention can assist you and those around you, but today I want to let you in on a little secret. There are those of you that look around at other “healers” and you say, “Well I can’t do that! That is simply a task for the versed healer”. You wonder your own personal function in the world and you think, “Well this simply isn’t part of my function”. Well dearest ones let me remind you today, that you are all Energy Healers. When you get down to the core of any healing modality, they are all modalities of Energy Healing. Whether you be a Reiki Teacher, A Master of Crystals, A Spiritual Psychologist, A Teacher, An Author – all of you in service to the light that are assisting in the ascension ARE performing Energy Healing. For you see dear friends, all that exists is energy and all that exists in physical is simply a mirror to that which exists on planes beyond your comprehension. Planes of pure energy and pure intention. Your physical plane is yet another complex use of this most beautiful abundant energy, slowed down into a slow and dense vibratory state of course, but none the less the same energy.

All work that you do in the physical and all work that you do from a mental perspective, all of it is Energy Healing. You are transmuting that which needs to be healed and you are returning it to its natural state of Light! Such is the purpose of your very existence. So today, as a master of energy and a master of form, I come to you asking you to embrace the Energy Healer within. Know that within you lies unlimited potential to heal your self and others, using whichever modality you prefer. Embrace that inner wizard and know my dearest, most precious friends, that you are a great master of the truths and a great master of energy! We love you dearly, all of us that reside in the non-physical watching you and waiting for you to accept who you truly are. We watch you with absolute pride, as our most beloved students and teachers grow and expand before us – defying all odds and proving the absolute marvel of the Light. Be proud of who you are and be proud of what you are capable of. You are a most powerful Healer indeed and it is time that you embrace this glorious title. Every single one of you. Be strong, Be courageous, BE YOU! Ascended Master Merlin”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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