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“We come to you today reminding you of the importance of your studies. Many of you perceive this physical journey thinking that you need to escape from physical reality and simply re-emerge as your true non-physical Self. As a result, once you fully understand who and what you are, you spend a significant amount of time fighting your physical aspect. You fail to see the great importance of your role as a physical being, and so you long to return to your true state of comfort and security. Well today, we wish to briefly expand upon your purpose for incarnation. You are here to be physical. You are here to experience all aspects of physicality and initially immerse your Self in the illusion of it. Why? Because you must blend – because you must appear to be one with the world of duality so that through this immersion, you can set an optimal example. As all of you awaken and remember who you are, you are slowly lifting the veil and peeling away the layers of archaic beliefs and knowledge. You are bringing forth new understandings and you are changing what is deemed acceptable. But let us make one thing very clear. You have been physical and you will continue to be physical and with this comes very real physical data. Data that you collected from a physical perspective that must be reprogrammed from a physical perspective. Such was the plan that great teachers would come forth in the physical to allow for the physical reprogramming that was needed. Great masters that appeared throughout your histories and have again resurfaced in your modern times through physical beings and non-physicals communicating through physicals. We present our teachings to you in a physical manner simply because this is what you need!

As a being immersed in the physical world, you require a tangible method to awaken you to the truths of your existence so that you reach a point where you see past the need for physical proofs and learn to rely only on Self. But in the meantime, while you reach this physical state of enlightenment, you are given teachings. Wonderful teachings that exist all around you – that you will discover as you need them. Teachings that are divinely inspired as tangible physical data to appease the part of the mind that so desperately needs physical proof to allow. We encourage you to sink your teeth into anything and everything that can speed up this process of learning and reprogramming for the physical mind. We encourage you to allow your inner guidance to bring you to the methods that will best assist you in your understandings, so that, that which was programmed into the mind that is limiting and constricting to the true you, can be reprogrammed and the True You can emerge. Study and learn all that you can and understand that this journey of physical life is meant to be fun, it is meant to be a joyous journey of Self-discovery. Study for the joy within the process – not out of necessity. Study whatever you are drawn to – not what you are told to.

We love you dearly and thank you for this time Your Angelic Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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