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Guardian Angel

“This topic comes to you today as a powerful reminder that we are with you. We have been with you since the time of your physical birth and we will be with you when the true aspect of you departs this physical world. We represent the Guardians of all those who will come upon this message and we come to you today to deliver most important guidance. At this time of rapid change and drastic Self-development, we want to remind you of our presence. We want to remind you that as you go through these changes – you are not alone. We remain by your side through every experience and every struggle and we ensure that we are always offering our assistance whenever we can. Although you may not always see us or sense us there; we most certainly are with you every moment of every day, watching, guiding and offering our helping hand. BUT know this. We cannot and will not prevent you from experiencing that which must be experienced.

Many of you call on us to take away your discomforts or to take away the physical experiences that cause you displeasure. You ask us to do that which we simply can’t do. We can assist you in transmutation and we can assist you by working with you to ease what has been attracted, but dearest ones, we cannot take it away for you. YOU must do so. Do you understand that all that you have experienced has been attracted for your own growth, to assist you? All that has been attracted has been deemed necessary by the True You, to assist you on your path. There isn’t a time where you struggle that we do not feel compassion for you and long for the days when you will feel more Joy, but that does not mean that we would wish away these times of struggle for you. For out of this struggle will come the most beautiful reward and discovery of personal power. So when you call on us, call on us to hold your hand and to comfort you as you take this journey. Do not ask us to take away that which we can’t and that which you truly would not want us to. Utilize us to show you the way to work through the situation you find your Self in and allow us to guide you to greater inner peace, which will then reflect in all of your physical situations around you.

We love you so dearly and we will be with you always. Watching and guiding. Your Guardian Angels.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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