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Answered Prayer

“Hello dearest family! What an honour to speak with you today. The topic we have selected for this message is Answered Prayers. We believe this is a most important topic to discuss, as there are many of you right now sending your prayers to the beyond – asking for the most marvelous things! We want to remind you today of how this process works and we want to assure you that all that you desire is on its way to you. When one prays, a most powerful intention is set and it is through this powerful intention that you allow the Source Energy required for your creation to make its way to you! This Source Energy exists all around you, at every moment of every day, simply waiting to be directed by your intention! You see, the Source of All That Is bestowed upon you the greatest gift of creation and simply through your asking you are granted all that you desire – if you only believe wholeheartedly your ability and deserving of all that you desire. What we see many of you do is place your order and ask your prayer, but then doubt your Self and the Universes ability to bring you what you desire. Well firstly, to this we must respond that there is nothing to grand for the mighty Source. And as you would not doubt the Earth to provide you with the food and water that you so desperately need for your physical journey, you must not doubt the all-powerful Source to bring you the resources for your personal soul journey! You do not know exactly how the food grows and the water sustains you and yet you always trust that it will be there via Source. Do the same with ALL of your creations! Do not mind the how’s and when’s, simply have faith and knowing that the father of all creation, precious Source Energy, will see that it is done.

Dearest ones, you doubt your Self far too much! You have within you the mighty power of the creator, bestowed upon you as a creation of infinite energy, and yet you view your self as meek and powerless. A mere fish in a vast ocean swaying in time with the tide, with no true power. This is most certainly not the case! You hold great power and great ability and you must accept this power moving forward. You must choose the path of least resistance and you must choose to eliminate the thoughts that hold you back. Within you lies the greatest gift given to man: your intention. Use it wisely. Set your intention, say your prayers and allow the mighty source to see that it be done. Do not doubt your Self and through this knowing you will see your Answered Prayers. We love you dearly, Your Angelic Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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