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See The Other Person's Point of View

“During these times of rapid world changes and often troubling events unfolding around you in your own communities, you are asked to see the other person’s point of view. We do not ask you to do this so that you can condone their actions or justify what they did, but you are asked to do so, so that you can learn to view the paths of others with compassion. The same of course applies to your very life and the people immersed within it. Often when caught up in your own drama and your own personal situations, you fail to see that those that you cast stones at are merely trying to get by – just like you. They have been through much, as have you, and they are simply using the tools that they were given by their own guardians and societal influences to do the best that they can. Today you are reminded of the importance of compassion. The importance of understanding the paths of all others and knowing that you do not walk in their shoes and if you did, perhaps you would be precisely where they are now? Humans in general can be so quick to judge another simply because of your perceived separation. But if you really understood your brothers and sisters, if you really embraced your connection, you would see a wounded family member who needs a little patience and understanding. Learn to see all others as we do: valued members of our family who are worth the time and the compassion. People who are just like you, doing the best they can. Again, you do not always have to condone the actions that occur, but you must learn to detach your self from them and choose to see the good in the world or the centuries of judgement and condemnation that has energetically led to these global situations you find your Self in – will never pass. Remember, to judge another is to judge your Self and condemn the world in the process. Judgement only furthers separation and prevents you from achieving your ultimate goal of remembering oneness. See past the illusions of separation – see the bigger picture and assist the world in moving forward not backwards.

We love you dearly and we watch all of you with pride, Your Ascended Master Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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