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“Good morning dearest physical Family of Light. What an absolute honor it is to speak with you today about manifestation – a subject that intrigues so many of you. Currently, many of you have set your eyes on a vast array of different prizes. Some of you are working on manifesting wealth, relationships, health and really all sorts of different things. You have set your prize and you are eagerly awaiting its manifestation upon the physical plane. Well today, we want to remind you of a few things to help speed up the process! It is a time of great manifestation, there is no doubt about that. You are shedding what no longer serves you and you are allowing in more of the good – more of that which makes you smile and experience Joy! You are allowing in the things that are truly desired, so that you may find an ideal balance in your life and set an example to others, proving that Heaven on Earth is very possible. So where are many of you going wrong? Where lies the fault that is causing you to not receive that which you desire, as quickly as you desire? Well it lies within your thoughts of course, just not the way you might think. You are doing a marvelous job determining what you desire to experience through your thoughts, but your positive thoughts alone cannot create your desires dear ones.

For the entirety of your thoughts are what directs Source Energy to create the version of the desire that you will allow. Many of you look at creation thinking that you need only focus on what you want and then it must be, but you ignore the thoughts that linger beneath the surface preventing you from achieving what you have set out to acquire. You must come to see that you cannot focus on what you desire 49% of the time, but still worry the other 51% about your current attractions. Therefore indicating to the Universe that you really don’t think you deserve what you say you want, thus creating the less abundant version of what it is you desire. Today you must begin by focusing your attention NOT on day dreaming so much, and instead on practicing mental discipline to deflect the thoughts that are truly keeping you attached to what you say you do not want. It is time to shed the fears and to adopt true faith. True faith in the Universes ability to bring you what you desire and true faith in YOU! You are a mighty creator and you can have anything you desire. So when a thought creeps up in contrast to what you have intended, simply acknowledge this thought as your old way of thinking and move forward. Thank the Mind for simply reminding you of how the creation process faired in the past, and remind the Mind that you have chosen something new and you intend to see it through. Do not fear your creations, master them! Know that you are in charge and you determine what you desire through choice! Choose wisely dearest friends, because now is the time that you will be ready to make great changes in your life. Now is the time that you are fully supported by YOU! Do not rely on anyone else to bring you what you desire, rely on you and the Universe! You are far more powerful than you give your Self credit for and once you learn to listen to the voice of reason that tells you what you are capable of, you will find that which you desire manifested before you. We love you dearly. Happy manifesting.Your Angelic Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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