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“When we use the word Meditation, so many of you drum up these ideas of tedious amounts of work. You have practiced Meditation, using this method and that method and yet you have found little success within the whole process. Well today we want to remind you of what meditation REALLY IS. Meditation is not a method at all; Meditation is not a set process. It is simply quieting the Mind. Although Meditation can be taught through the method that works for one, we encourage you to find the way to Meditation that works the best for you. We encourage you to approach this time of Meditation without expectations and goals, for your fear of failure attached to these goals is what often leads to your inability to succeed in your desires. Be free, be easy on you Self and simply enter into this experience knowing that you will achieve growth and expansion within this beautiful process! Through your continued practice, you will find success and you will find the peace you seek within the experience. What we have always suggested is that you find the place the works for you, you sit how you like and you simply listen – listen for the silence. Listen for the void, for it is within this void that you will find peace within the quieting of the Mind. Do not pay any attention to the thoughts that pass; simply acknowledge that they are Data within your Mind that is passing through. Allow them to pass and listen beyond them for the silence. Once you learn to quite the Mind, and more importantly disregard irrelevant thoughts that no longer need concern you, you will find great success within the process. You will begin to allow your Self to reach new depths in your Meditation, where you will silence the Mind enough to tap into Universal Sources of Energy. BUT this can only be achieved by silencing the Mind, for one cannot hear what truly exists within the silence – if they do not first learn to drown out their own thoughts. Go easy on you Self during this process. Enjoy the YOU time and the time for Self rejuvenation. Stay dedicated and eager for growth and you will find great Joy within this process of Meditation. We love you dearly and guide you always, your Ascended Master Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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