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Remember Who You Are

“At this time, we find many of you wondering how to move forward. You doubt your Self and your path and you wonder if you are doing what is right. This message comes forward today, simply because there is guidance that must be delivered to those of you questioning who it is that you are. Dearest family, for centuries you have struggled with this identity. Life after life you have lived in fear of embracing who you truly are, for the world never understood. For centuries the people of your faith were persecuted and judged. Kind, nurturing beings were condemned for their beliefs and called evil, murderers, conjurers and all sorts of names. You fought bravely for the things that you believed, but in the end you always perished – fighting for what you knew to be right in your heart. Your fate, although it may seem cruel to you now, served a most important function and really did assist the world in its growth and expansion. Many of you still carry great fear from these lives of condemnation and as a result, you judge your Self so harshly now – second guessing every step you take. You fear the backlash that occurred in previous lives and you fear the repercussions for your Self and others. With the dawning of a new day, we ask that you begin to look upon this life differently. We ask you to see the fear that has transferred from previous lives and take it for what it is. We ask you to see that this fear is not needed now; this fear is not relevant to today. Yes, there are those that will judge you and based on your worldly affairs, there seems to always be a group that society chooses to condemn. But things ARE different now. Now is the time that the world needs your peaceful nature more than EVER! Now is the time that the world needs to see how to love one another, how to embrace nature and how to see the beauty of every living creature. Now is the time that the world needs to understand that we are not separate and we are one in our journey. We are in this together and united we stand or divided we fall. This world will never change if those who have the courage to do so, do not come together and show the truth of human nature. If they do not find the strength to truly remember and embrace who they are – the world will never see the change that it so desperately desires, which will allow ALL to move forward in their growth and expansion. You are not here to fight anymore and die for the cause that is dearest to you, you are here in this life to set an example and show the world that a new way of life is possible. Remember that you do not need to save your brothers and sisters, for they do not needing saving. You are simply here to show them a different way and through your most glorious example they will choose – on their own – to follow the path of peace that you have taken. United you will change the world and as each chooses to awaken through your example, the world will finally know the peace that it has begun attracting.

We love you dearly and we encourage you to remember who you are. A mighty being of light; A child of the Almighty Source of All That Is. A powerful creator who will change this world, who walks with mighty companions as allies. We do not sit by idly and refuse you backup when you need it. We walk with you every step of your journey, walking in honor of the light and in the name of the Almighty Creator who has promised a way out. Do not fear the path that you are on now. Embrace it. Learn from it and see your way out – into the light. We love you dearly and we are honored to walk this journey with you. We will remain with you always. Your Family of Light.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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