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Open Your Heart To Love

“What a fine day for a most wonderful message on Love! What a beautiful intriguing concept, this concept of love. Such a simple word and yet the word itself encompasses so much more than just the four letters represented. What is love? What does it mean to love? To love is to give of one’s self truly and without hesitation. To love is to see past barriers and accept all that is, as it is. To love is to embrace the beauty of all aspects of the world and to see the truth in each person’s heart. To love is to see God, for to see God is to see the truth of all life and to see Love is to see the truth of All That Is. Love is the beginning of peace and the ending of suffering; Love is the precursor to balance and the initiate of Joy. And how does one set an example of this beautiful perfect divine love? Well, by first accepting Love into one’s own heart. For you see, in order for the change to be displayed outwardly, it must first begin inwardly. You, your Self, must learn to open your heart to love. You must learn to accept your Self, embrace your Self and love your Self wholeheartedly before you can begin to truly show that love to others. You must see your Self as we see you, and only then can you remove the judgments and limitations that you project onto others, as a result of your own Self condemnation. When you see your Self as the most beautiful and precious creation, you will begin to treat all others with gentleness and compassion, as you will understand that ALL are the most beautiful and precious creations. Allow love into your heart and embrace the knowing that it is only through love that the world will know peace. It is only through accepting your divine nature that the world will ever move past its differences and judgments. In love, there is no need to condemn – no need to crucify; there is only acceptance and compassion and there is only understanding of one’s path. Allow love into your heart and see the true beauty of your brothers and sisters. Allow love into your heart and find your peace. We love you dearly and wish upon you a most marvelous love filled day! Your Ascended Master Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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