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"Hello dearest Family of Light. We are most eager to take this opportunity to discuss a most important topic – the topic of Soul Mates. What a beautiful concept indeed! Two souls having come together in this life – once again – after a succession of lives spent together. We will begin by explaining what this term means. There are those in your life that you have lived with before; those that have experienced life beside you, as you partook in other physical existences. These lives were not always spent sharing the love you feel now towards your soul mate. In often cases you spent these lives together learning how to love and learning how to grow. This often led to cases of detesting you soul mate or experiencing what you perceive as “hate”. This notion that you once felt disdain for your soul mate may seem disheartening, but we assure you this was a necessary part of your path. You and your soul mate have truly been through it all. You have walked through fire to prepare each other for the task that you would face in this life. You have tested each other, you have failed each other and in the end you have provided exactly what you needed for your personal growth and expansion. In past lives you were not meant to live joyously in bliss, fulfilling your goal of growing old together in peace. In past lives you were learning each other’s quarks, likes and dislikes and you were preparing your selves for a life like no other.

Many of you have already reunited with your soul mate and wondered how it is that you have met another that you feel you have known for 1000’s of years. You think the same – you feel the same – with blatant similarities that cannot be denied. You wonder how it is possible that someone so perfect for you exists. On the other hand, you have found someone who knows how to push your buttons more so than anyone else; someone who understands you like no other and finds great success in challenging you because they truly understand who you are. You may wonder how this is possible, and we assure you today it is simply because you have spent many, many lives with this person. They have been with you as you have grown and expanded and they have been with you as you learned who you truly are. They know you, the true you. They know your soul and they know who it is that truly dwells within. They see your strengths and they see your true nature. They see your beauty and they see the person that they love more than anything in the world that has assisted them with their own growth and expansion!

You are bonded, not simply because of this life; you are bonded because of this life and those that have come before. You have spent lives incarnating together to prepare you for this time – this life where you will set the optimal example of living in love. You will show the world what it is like to have a harmonious relationship. You will show the world what a healthy, joyous, trusting relationship can be like. You will show the world that relationships can last! Now, this is not to say that there is not work to be done, for there is great work for many of you. But you have faith in your Self and most importantly faith in each other and there is no one more qualified than you, to help your partner discover the true being that dwells within. You know this person like no other – as they know you like no other. Through each other you will find your greatest teacher and the one person who understands you like no one else! Enjoy this time of love. Enjoy this time while you work through the kinks in your relationship, for if you are diligent you will experience physical love as it was meant to be. You will experience true trust and true companionship that will set a mighty example for generations to come. Have faith in your soul mate. Have faith in who they are and what they are here to do – WITH YOU!

We love you dearly and for those of you that have not been reunited with your soul mate yet, have faith for they are coming. They always appear when you need them the most. Know that your relationship is meant to be and despite where you are now, you will always find a way back to each other. We love you dearly, your Angelic Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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