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Embrace Who You Are

"There are many of you wondering when your time will come. When will it all come together and when will the truth of All That Is come to light. There are so many of you waiting for something to happen, to become the person that you already are. Some of you have become caught in this illusion of a saviour and even more of you have become misled by the notion that humanity as a whole needs a rebirth of sorts to save it from its self. Well today we want to remind you of a few things. Firstly, the world does NOT need saving. You do not need someone to come and fix anything for you. You are quite capable of assisting your Selves. Secondly, the world is moving along precisely as it should! So many of you think that the world is in great peril, in need of divine intervention, and yet you fail to see that every step that the world is taking now is relevant to the future that you desire. This peaceful version of earth, where all live their own Heaven on Earth is only possible through the situations that are occurring now. Through the experiencing of discomfort can come the most beautiful awakening of truth and peace. It is often so difficult for many of you to understand this, because humans equate discomfort with pain instead of growth. But we assure you these periods that you deem so painful and unsuccessful are actually moments where the undesired is surfacing and individuals are facing what it is that needs to be addressed to move forward. If one is wise, they will learn from the situation they find them Selves in, but if they are not yet ready to move forward they will supress the pain and save it for a rainy day, where they will again relive that same experience in another manifested form.

So why do we tell you this all today? What is the point? Because dearest friends, it is time that you come out of the closet. It is time that you realize that no one is coming to save you because you do NOT need saving. You will save your Self and in turn you will inspire others to do the same. Your species is not weak and in need of direction from some outside source. Your species need only look inside themselves to find all the guidance that they need. You are all mighty creatures, given the divine powers of the source creator to direct the experiences you desire. Do you not think that this is all under control? Do you not think that the true aspect of you knows precisely what it is doing? The aspect of you that is closest to the Source and lives within absolute certainty of its ability to create. It is only the physical aspect of Self that fears this transition of growth because you have not yet remembered who you are. You are not your physical body, you are higher self – you are a beautiful divine aspect and you are a most powerful being. You are capable of anything and yet you fail to see the true power and beauty that you exude.

Today choose to disregard this notion of being the victim. Choose to disregard this notion that you need saving and stand in your power. Come out of the closet as the powerful being that you are and know that only you will make the world a better place. Through the individual, acting always as a united front, the world will know the peace it desires. Through each individual embracing that which has always been true about themselves, the world will finally know true acceptance and true companionship with all brothers and sisters of the light, who truly reside within. We love you so very dearly and we thank you for this time. We do not speak with you often, but when we do we relish this beautiful opportunity as it provides us with the greatest Joy to know that we have assisted you by shining our own light in the name of All That Is. Be brave today, be the powerful YOU that you truly are and watch great miracles unfold before you. <3 Your Arcturian Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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