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Remembering The Fallen

“There is no greater sadness then to see what a brother can do to another brother. There have been many tears shed throughout your histories in the name of war and in the name of the God’s that you fight for. There has been great sadness, there is no doubt about that, but today we wish to offer you our perspectives and in doing so honour those that have come before you to create the world you see now. In time all will come to understand that those who died, truly did so, so that you could be precisely where you are now. They will see that it is not something to look upon with sadness, but with great respect and admiration for those who chose to fulfill a role that was necessary for required growth and expansion.

To accept war is to accept separation. To accept the need to kill one another in service to one’s own interest is to see all as separate unto thyself – but in reality, this is most certainly not the case. From the consciousness of war stems great fear and the inability to understand one’s own power to create what is desired. There are wars fought continuously, simply because of this perceived separation and the false notion that one could take from another what is rightfully theirs. These wars, although they may seem perilous and without purpose, are serving the most important function of all. Through these wars those that have died have proven to the world that change is needed. They have proven what is done in the name of separation only leads to sadness and despair and to a world so divided that it is unable to come together as a united family when it is needed to the most. In war man has learned its greatest lessons about the value of a life and the preciousness that is lost at every moment that a solider perishes. For you see, to fight your brother in war is to fight your Self and with each passing battle man comes a little closer to understanding this.

Throughout the centuries man has claimed to fight for ones nation and for ones honour, but in reality the vast majority ultimately end up fighting for the greed and power struggle of a few who make the choices for the many. When man finally understands who they truly are and finally understands what they are individually capable of, then those who have died in these wars will not have died in vain. Then and only then, will man truly have learned from their sacrifices and realized that war is never the answer to personal power. War is never the answer to peace and violence is never the way home. In understanding these things man will finally see that another could never take what is theirs and a brother could never wrong them without their attraction of it. War may not be desired, but in the end it was and will be necessary for man to wake up and see the truth of their actions. Through these wars man will see what their mindset has led to and where the world must turn to, to find change. We thank you for this time and we honour those that have come before you, for they are you dearest brothers and sisters, and we thank them for the time they endured pain and struggle so that you may now be at the point to choose a new path for humanity. Honour their gift by choosing to stand in your power; honour their sacrifice and choose to take humanity to new heights. We love you dearly. Your Angelic Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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