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Manifestation And Freedom

"Two topics have been chosen today to deliver a most pressing and significant message. Manifestation and Freedom - two concepts that go synonymously together. Two concepts that speak truths about one another and in reality are one in the same. Today we want to discuss with you the importance of finding your freedom and what this notion truly means. You are upon this world to BE physical and to experience all that physical life can offer. There are certain experiences that are required strictly for growth and expansion and experiences that you have desired simply for the pure enjoyment of them. Such is the way of the physical world – to desire and to achieve, but what you have discovered with the dawn of old knowledge resurfacing is that you are capable of choosing that which you desire in your reality, much more easily than you imagined. You know these things and yet you often fight against them. This is not your fault of course. You fight against them because you do not know any other way and because this is what you have been programmed to do. You fight against them because you have not yet been ready to change. Many of you wonder what you are truly capable of and many wonder how far you can really take this whole concept of manifestation? Well we assure you, you can take it as far as you allow your Self to. There are no limits and there is nothing that is out of reach. All are capable and all is achievable through intention. You have simply set limits upon your self based on your limited physical perceptions.

And so what can be done about this? Reprogramming, reprogramming, reprogramming. Find the knowledge that can assist you on this journey and find the way to appease the physical world mind. The physical world mind loves data and it needs logic to help it understand why you act the way you do and how to overcome it. Collect knowledge and within that knowledge allow the voice of Self to offer you the truths of it. You know these things and yet you have only forgotten so that you may immerse your Self in the illusion of physicality, but it is time to WAKE UP! Once you accept your true power, once you see your true nature, nothing can stop you. You will understand true freedom and understand that with true freedom comes the power of manifestation: the choice – the will to choose any reality that you desire. Find peace in your thoughts and cease the continual battle with Self to accept who you are: BE FREE.

We understand that so many of you have been trying for so long to bring your heaven upon this earth. You have tried so many methods and yet you believe you have achieved little results and to this we say: your perceptions are limiting you. You have tried methods that have not failed you, they have done precisely what they were meant to so that you may be pointed in the right direction FOR YOU. There is no knowledge that is collected in vain and all knowledge serves a purpose. You must now find what serves you best, so that you can clear away the cobwebs in your mind and unleash the powerful creator within. Do not be down on your Self for your perceived failures, for they are in reality great successes. And within these great successes you have achieved the necessary steps to get you to where you are now. All steps are necessary and all steps are vital to the achievement of one’s goals. So move forward having faith, knowing that what you desire will come. It simply takes a little mental discipline and dedication and you will reprogram Self to allow all that you desire.

We love you dearly and we encourage you today to allow your freedom, allow self to manifest the dreams that are desired. For in doing so, you will show the world a mighty truth. In the achievement of your dreams the world will see the undeniable truth of the potential of man and the mindset that has gripped this world for so long will shift. You will change the world, but it must first begin with you. We love you dearly and thank you for this time. <3 Your Angelic Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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