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Embracing Family Harmony

"Good morning to our beautiful physical Family of Light. What a joyous opportunity we have been presented with today. We always relish in the idea of being able to share our perspectives with you and today we believe we have a most beautiful and inspiring message. Today we want to discuss the great value and sacredness of Family Harmony. In proposing this, many of you will instantly think of your physical family and find that this card relates to your own physical life situation, but our intention is to take these words much deeper.

For many of you, you often fail to perceive anything outside of your physical family as part of you and so today we want to impress upon you the great importance of harmony within your Universal Family. Our Family is grand! It encompasses all life and all form. From the birds to the bees, from all manner of creatures to the very water you consume – it is all our Family, made from precisely the same Source Energy. We exist as one and yet humans have come to see themselves as an unequal, albeit superior, part of this universal masterpiece. You have taken on the role of “big brother” so to speak, dominating all that exists on the planet and ensuring that your reign is known. You control all that moves and all that breathes and yet you have truly taken this role and twisted it into a form of tyranny. Instead of using your role as the Guardian of all that does not have a voice to speak for itself, the majority of humans have chosen the role that is less compassionate and understanding.

Now please understand, we do not condemn your actions – for they are all that you know, but today we want to start the phase of bringing about harmony for all that resides on this planet. We are one great Family and we are all equally of Source. We exist together, living precious lives of joyful growth and expansion and we exist with each other so that we may learn the most important lessons of all. We are learning how to co-exist peacefully; how to set aside this notion of needing to compete and prove superiority and we are collectively learning to expand our consciousness to see the true life that dwells within everything around us. We do not propose these things to suggest that mankind has failed at anything, for humanity has most certainly done precisely what it was meant to. Through previous actions humanity has gotten itself to a point where a new choice can be made. A choice that will allow man to move forward as the tyrant or walk beside All That Is as an equal brother/sister. There are decisions to be made and changes that are required, but in time as the collective elevates in consciousness, man will finally see its place in this world and realize it is not on top – it is equally beside all manner of creatures and nature. It is as ONE in the beautiful Universal Family of Light.

We thank you for this time and we appreciate any opportunity we have to share our perspectives. <3 Your Elemental and Faerie Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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