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"Good morning to my dearest Family of Light. It is always an honour to speak with you. Today I come forward to deliver a message in the hopes that it will provide the extra push that is needed to guide you in the required direction. Today’s message will discuss the great importance of Focus. There are many of you at this time who have set your aims on what it is that you desire and you have set your intention to receive, but all the while that you wait you are also allowing thoughts of a contradicting vibration to pester you. You are clear in what you desire and yet you are not clear in your own power to create it. You view your thoughts that are in contradiction to what you desire, as a disease and the only thing standing in your way, and yet you fail to see that these thoughts are very much a part of you. They are not to be yelled at and they are not to be told to go away, as in reality you are saying these hurtful things to your Self. These thoughts are simply the by-product of your programming and they are not to be feared; they are to be understood.

These thoughts, although they may appear troublesome to you now, are based off of programming that was necessary to make the individual aspect that is YOU. Every bit of your personality is essential and exists because of this past programing that has created the parts of you that you are ashamed of now. If it were not for this past programming, you would not have reached the point you are at today to choose a new road. And so I say, why would you fight the beautiful part of you that got you here? Why would you fight a necessary part of you? I want to remind you today that the vast majority of you who have not received what you desire, have found little results because you spend far too much time fighting Self and less mastering your focus! When you come to the understanding that every part of you is beautiful and necessary, you will learn that it is not a battle with Self that is required. It is simply compassion and understanding. In accepting this, you will spend less time trying to change Self and more time guiding Self in the direction that is desired. If Self does not know how to operate the way that is desired, based on what Self has been previously programmed to do, then show it a different way. Instead of worrying about that which you desire, and in turn creating a less desirable version, why not recognize your power to choose.

Why not say to Self, “Ok this does not have to be a battle of thoughts. It is my choice and I choose to believe and have faith that what I desire is on its way to me. I have faith in my ability to create and the universes ability to provide”. Why must you fight your Self so much in the process, condemning Self for thoughts that you believe are somehow outside of you holding you back? They are your thoughts and they are you and the truth will always be that YOU are holding you back. So choose to focus today. Choose to go about your day knowing your power and choosing where your attention will lie. Choose your creations and take every step forward knowing that what you have chosen will be, simply because you have intended it to be so. Do not give contradicting vibrations once you have made your choice and for goodness sake, do not battle with Self to stay in “alignment” with what you desire. It is NOT a battle. You are in charge of you – YOU choose your thoughts. Begin today to stop the very core of the illusion of the battle between light and dark. Begin today to see that this very idea stems from the battle that you create within. See that there is another way; a way of acceptance, of compassion and of understanding. Choose to take accountability for Self and watch as miracles unfold before you. Be strong, be focused. Choose what serves you best and walk towards it with all that you have and you will never fail. We in the non-physical realm love you dearly and we thank you for all that you do. I will be with you always, assisting you whenever you should call. Archangel Michael.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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