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The Truth About Crystals

"Good morning most beautiful physical Family of Light. What a pleasure to speak with you on this most wonderful day. Today we are going to discuss Crystals! We have chosen this topic because we believe that many of you could use an extra boost to assist you on your journey, but to begin this discussion we must start at the very beginning. We must explain what Crystals are and how you can use them. Crystals are not hokum and they most certainly do not work simply because someone believes they do. There has been much lore produced regarding stones and crystals and as a result much myth created. What are crystals? Well in fact they are Source Energy, this is most true. Crystals represent their own unique vibrational frequency, but in reality are made of precisely the same material as you, on a subatomic and energetic level.

Crystals in their purest form, untouched and unaltered in their natural habitat, were created to assist the planet in its own daily cycles, and over time humanity began to sense the power of these amazing crystals and began harvesting them for their own use. Crystals exist all over your planet, scattered here and there in seemingly random places, but in reality they have been built within the Earth’s environment to serve a purpose – to generate and maintain energy. For you see Crystals are Source Energy, just like you, but the intention behind their creation was to hold specific variations of energy to assist with a whole array of tasks related to transmutation. Crystals in themselves are amazing healing tools simply because of their vibration. The intention for their creation was to be of service to the planet and to YOU, to assist you on your journey by offering vibrations that would allow you to transmute and raise your own personal vibration to your natural state of being. Now, this is where the lore has come in and has created much confusion about the role of Crystals. But we assure you, Crystals are not new age hokum; they are not useless tools that you have simply given a meaning to. Crystals serve a purpose to the planet, much the same as any other required natural resource such as water or soil. All serves a purpose in the continued existence of the planet, many of you simply fail to see that nothing was created by chance! Crystals exist as amazing tools with valuable vibrations that serve a vast array of functions to assist you on your journey. From healing, to a boost of courage – from alleviating worries to assisting with confusion, crystals offer unique vibrations which will assist you in transmuting your own current state of vibration.

We offer you these words today because we want you to find the tools that can best assist you on your path. We want you to find the tools that have been placed on the physical planet as resources to assist you on your journey! Do not worry so much about what crystal is always best from a mental/logical perspective. Allow your crystals to speak to you, for they are energy much the same as you. Allow your Self to feel the energy of the crystals and choose the one that resonates with you on an energetic level! There are a vast array to choose from, all of which have been placed here to assist you. Have fun with this process and welcome a vast arsenal of powerful friends into your daily life to assist you in maintaining your vibration and ultimately allowing your Heaven on Earth. We all need a little boost now and then, so do not deny your Self the help that is being offered. We love you dearly and we thank you for this time. <3 Your Ascended Master Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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