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The Truth About Money

“Dearest physical family of light, we come to you today as a collection of your Archangel Family wanting to deliver a most pressing message to you. Today we want to discuss the matter of financial abundance, but more specifically money! We do so because there are so many of you right now in precisely the same spot. You want more money! While this is neither good nor bad, for the wanting of money is simply the by-product of the physical world “exchange” system that you have created to flex your creative abilities, we believe that so many of you have lost site of the function of this monetary system and have come to fear it. We want to remind you today of the function of your monetary system and then offer you guidance on how to overcome the centuries of fear surrounding it. Money in itself is simply a neutral resource to assist you on your path. Money has come forward in the manner that it has as a physical world manifestation of the energy exchange that takes place in the nonphysical – all is a mirror to the nonphysical remember. But what has happened in this modern day – and frankly is simply a continuation of a much older pattern – is that man has created the idea of “exchange” from a purely physical perspective. Allow us to explain further.

Man has forgotten that all stems from the nonphysical and that creation is truly easy for you. And instead man has created an exchange system that is purely physical and requires copious amounts of physical work. You have set a paradigm that suggests that creation is difficult and that one must work, work, work to achieve the means to have what is desired. This is believed so wholeheartedly that many spend their days doing a job they hate and ignoring their family, only to regret it on their death bed when they realize that money was not all there was in that life. This then led to the notion that money is not to be desired – for it is a false master that lours men in, to make them waste their life and lose sight of the true purpose of existence. Well we will say that money does have a way of entrancing you, but we will also say that money is most certainly not the root of all evil! The key to success in the physical world is always about balance. You must find the balance of having your physical needs met of course, which is only obtainable through some form of exchange – do to your current global system. And you must also find the balance with your personal and global purposes – which in reality have very little to do with money. While we believe that money is essential to your planet, as it has become a much engrained part of your existence, money is truly not necessary to physical existence and is simply a by-product of man forgetting their ability to create.

You must come to see money as such and release your fear of it. Money is not a master, money is simply a resource that has been created as a reflection of mans limited understanding of his ability to create. While this system continues to exist on your planet, your understanding of monetary exchange will allow you to remove your Self as a slave to it. In doing so, you will become the master of it and all the resources that reside upon your planet. By taking the focus off of money and your continual need for it and placing your focus on your creative abilities and your natural birthright to bring to you all that you desire, you will find that the fear subsides and money flows far more easily to you. So what do we propose then? Well, we propose that you simply affirm to your Self that you are the master of your circumstances, YOU choose the reality that you desire and ALL of the resources that flow into your experience. Affirm that you choose abundance in all aspects of your life (NOT JUST MONEY) and make the choice to continue thoughts that strictly adhere to this new way of thinking. If you have thoughts that are in conflict with this notion, simply remind Self that these thoughts about money and about the difficulty in creating money are simply the by-product of long engrained paradigms regarding man’s lack of ability to direct his own life. Have faith in your creative abilities and the Universes/Gods/ Sources willingness to bring you what you desire. Do not play into these old belief systems and for goodness sake do not fear a neutral resource that is simply there to assist you. Do not fall prey to the notion that money is either good or bad, for this is dualistic thinking and money is simply a neutral resource meant to assist you on your journey, much like anything else on your planet. DO NOT FEAR MONEY, understand it and in doing so allow all of the abundance that you require to flow to you naturally and easily.

We thank you for this time and we love you dearly. We will be working with you closely to assist you in releasing these blocks so that you may live a more abundant life. <3 your Archangel Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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