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Rising Above "Problems"

"Greetings to our most beloved Physical Family of Light. We are most excited and eager to deliver this message to you today, for we believe within these words there are great insights to be gained. Dearest Family, we watch many of you now as you find your self immersed in times of difficulty and struggle. You are treading water as you hope and pray for a solution to find your way out. You say that you desire change and yet you continue to keep your Self in alignment with the things you say you do not want. Well, we want to explain why that is. Many of you have come to understand this whole Law of Attraction rule. You understand that what you think, yields what you see in the physical, but many of you have only chosen to apply this concept to certain manifestations in your Physical World. You fail to see, or really you fail to accept, that everything occurring in your reality is of your making. It is not logical to say that one creation is because of your thoughts and then simply ignore all of the other perceived “bad” things in your life and say, “well these are not my fault at all, these just happened to me.” It is this thinking that strips you of your power and it is these thoughts that prove that you do not take accountability for your own creations. This would not be such a detrimental process if it were not true that lacking in accountability implies that you do not understand that you are truly in control – and without this understanding of your ability to control you are not capable of consciously creating your reality.

Today we want to remind you to Rise Above Your Perceived Problems. See that there is no “problem” too great that it cannot be overcome and in doing so, see the truth that there are really no problems at all. There is simply choice. All that exists around you has been attracted by you for growth and expansion and if you would spend less time complaining about what you see and more time understanding it and accepting your power to change it, you would find your Self in a very different reality. So many of you say you want manifestations in your life that bring you joy, but when it comes to truly doing the work involved to clear away the thoughts that no longer serve you, you act as though you are a deer caught in headlights unaware of what to do. You hold the power to transform your reality, you and YOU alone. Do not look to anyone else to fix your perceived problems, for the core root of their cause lies within you! Take accountability for ALL of your creations and in doing so hold the sceptre of power by allowing your Self to see the choice in all that exists.

We love you so very dearly and we are so very thankful for this time. We watch you grow and expand and we are proud of your progress thus far. Step into your power and choose the life that serves you best, for the choice is yours to partake in whatever reality you desire. What choice will you make? <3Your Faerie and Elemental Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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