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Finding Joy

What a marvelous opportunity we have been presented with today! To be offered the chance to share our perspectives so that you may learn and grow, well, there is no greater Joy! We sincerely thank you for hearing our words and we look forward to the message we have come forward to deliver. Learning to find Joy in your current situation is something that many of you are currently attempting to achieve. You understand that you must first come to a state of allowing what you have, so as not to offer resistance to it, in order to then release your attachment and allow in what you now desire to experience. You understand this and yet you are finding it difficult to “pretend” that you are happy with what you currently have.

Today we want to remind you that no pretending is necessary and we wish to simply offer a new perspective, to perhaps help you in your understandings of the reality creation process. When one creates, they do so via intention and via choice. It is this knowing of choice that holds the true power. The knowing that you are allowed to have and are capable of achieving anything that you desire. Now let us address this most powerful choice in relation to finding the blessings in your current situation. We would never ask that you attempt to trick your Self into believing that you are happy with what you currently have, for that would never truly work. What we are asking is that you come to truly understand your current reality and in doing so find a true sense of gratitude for it and every moment that came before it.

For you see, where you find your Self now is a precursor to the dreams that you desire, and the very place you are in now was once a necessary step for you to achieve your goals. You have not failed at anything, nor have you not achieved what you desired, you are simply performing the prerequisites to get you to where you will inevitably be. Now, where does choice factor into all of this? Well simply put – choice will always set you free. Do not look at your current situation and try to force your self to be happy with it, as a false sense of gratitude displays the truest of intentions and will not produce a thing that you desire. Instead look at your current situation with understanding. Know that it has come forward from a time that you did not completely understand your ability to direct your life. Know that this reality that you see around you is the by-product of your growth and expansion and your immersion in a physical reality. Look at the world around you and know that through choice you can change it! Understand that choice is all that is necessary; powerful intention to allow something new into your life, without offering resistance to it, is all that is needed.

So we encourage you today to not try to forcefully accept what you have and attempt to find happiness within it under false pretenses, instead understand your reality and know that you have the power to change it. See all in your reality for what it truly is, simply a by-product of choice. Know that you have the power to choose – at this very moment – to shift your reality into anything you desire and begin to embrace a deep sense of gratitude for every step that came before, which got you where you are now. For without EVERY SINGLE STEP you would not be at this precious moment of awakening and understanding. We love you dearly and we sincerely thank you for this time. It brings us no greater Joy than to assist you in your own personal growth and expansion. We will be guiding, assisting and watching you all with pride. <3 Your Ascended Master Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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