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The Truth About Healing

Hello dearest Family of Light, it is I Archangel Raphael and I am most excited to be delivering this message to you today. I come to you at this time wanting to discuss the most important topic of healing. To begin this discussion, I would like to start at the beginning and explain what healing really is. So many of you approach healing as though you are fixing something that is wrong. As though you are correcting something unwanted and choosing to eliminate that which has plagued someone wrongfully. Well I must take some time to explain this myth and in doing so get you to a point of allowing your Self to properly heal and in the process heal others.

When you are “healing” you are not fixing anything that is wrong, you are not choosing to eliminate something that has wronged you in any way. To say that one needs to be healed from something in the sense that something unwanted must be eliminated, is to say that one does not understand the law of attraction and the very purpose of your physical reality. So what is healing then? Well it is simply coming to an understanding of the vibrational path that one has chosen. It is about recognizing the choices that were made to create that which is now wanting to be healed, and it is about making the conscious decision to choose something different. Now, many would wonder, “well of course I did not choose to have the illnesses that I do. Nor did my daughter, my husband, my friend, etc.” and to that I would say, yes you all most certainly did. As difficult as it is to hear, all who have discovered illness in the physical have chosen to do so for their own soul growth and expansion.

Many souls choose to experience their illness fully and so they then pass from it quickly; whereas others choose to overcome what it is that ails them. Regardless of the exact experience of the illness – both previous examples serve an extremely essential purpose. For those that choose to pass quickly, they often are the greatest teachers of the value of life and the amazing willingness of the human spirit to continue on. They show others that death does not equate to loss and that life can be continued with faith and pride in what the deceased has given to the world in their days. Now for those that choose to overcome their illness, this choice is also one that is very willingly made: the choice to choose to no longer fulfill the image of the wounded, helpless individual and take an active role in one’s own healing simply because it is what is desired on their path. Both choices are simply that – CHOICES. Whether a soul incarnates to assist others in their physical family and soul group by experiencing illness and passing soon or whether one chooses to have a life of continual illness, choosing to portray a life of victimization and unfairness, it really matters not. All is a choice and all is truly teaching you something of great value.

So in saying this, what is healing then? Healing is simply a choice that is made for a desired state of being on one’s path. Healing is not fixing anything that is unwanted and has not been chosen. Healing is about making a conscious choice and saying that you know you are the creator of your reality and you know that you are capable of any reality you desire. Healing is understanding that you are not fixing anything “bad” or anything “evil” inside of you, for what you are experiencing is very much you and of your creation. Healing is about understanding what illness is trying to tell you; it is about taking accountability and making a conscious choice to create a life of more abundance and overall mental health.

And so what is it that I propose then? I propose that you begin to understand why ALL that is occurring in your life, is occurring. I propose that you begin to take accountability for your attractions and for the mindsets that are creating what is manifesting. I propose that you begin to stop treating illness as though it is something outside of you that has maliciously invaded you and must be cured. And instead, choose to take accountability for YOUR creations. Become the master of your reality and know that your illness is yours to transmute. Whence it came from Source Energy, so can it be transmuted into a more desirable state of Source Energy. Take your power back, choose to be the perfect image of health and vitality and in doing so, show others how true healing occurs. I love you dearly and I thank you for this time. I watch over you with the greatest of pride and with a great sense of honour knowing that all of you are truly changing this world. Through your beautiful energy and your willingness to assist, you are making this world a truly amazing place in the honour of All That Is and WE applaud you. <3 Archangel Raphael”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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