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2015 – Unleash Your Creativity

“Dearest physical Family of Light, we send you our sincerest wishes for a most happy day and joyous upcoming year! What a wonderful day to celebrate with you, as you release the old and usher in a new time of peace and creativity! 2015 will be a great year for many of you, as you have completed much mental cleansing and you are now working towards a time of greater peace. With this peace not only comes serenity and contentment, but also a sense of wonder and excitement for all that exists around you. As you continue to release the beliefs that have held you for so long, you will begin to regain your natural knowing of entitlement. You will begin to remember that you are capable of having anything that you desire and that you are here to simply desire away! You are here to experience this and that. To taste and touch all that you desire and to make the proverbial “mistakes”, simply to make them and then decide something different. For you see, there are really no mistakes! All is a journey of experiences and from these experiences will come the launching of new desires! It is a most joyous time to be in physical form on your planet, as many of you awaken to your natural abilities and you begin to release the fears you have of being YOU! The fear of chasing your dreams and wanting your desires; the fear you have of walking your own path in spite of what others are doing.

This year, many of you will experience true freedom from all of these fears. You will get a taste of what it truly means to find peace and allowance in your lives! You will embrace the knowing that there is no rush and while you are here you are meant to experience every bit of physical existence that you desire to! It is a great year for you indeed! And while this year unfolds, while you release and allow all the Joy that you deserve, the world itself will continue to grow and expand. Situations will continue to unfold, lives will continue to change and at times you may wonder if you are selfish for feeling such joy. But remember this dear ones, if you do not set your example of joy for others, than the world will never know that another way is possible. Do not feel guilt in your joy, or shame in your happiness. Know that your example is showing others that they too can experience what you are experiencing; they too can know a life of peace. So we assure you dearest friends, your Joys are not taking from another – for that very concept goes against law. If you want to assist the world in these troubled days that are depicted on your television and in your media, than you serve the world best by providing an example of peace and allowance. Do not be an advocate for a world you do not want to see and choose to focus all of your attention on abundance for your Self and others. Be an advocate for the world you want to see and no longer choose to support the alternative. Stand in your power and be the mighty example you where meant to be. Live joyously, live freely and show the world what a Lightworker can do! We love you dearly and we thank you for this time. We look forward to all of the amazing things you will accomplish this year. We love you Your Angelic Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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