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Positive Expectations

“What a most beautiful day to be presented with this joyous opportunity to share our perspectives with you. What an opportunity indeed! We are so very pleased to have the chance today to speak with you regarding Positive Expectations. Many of you at this time are working towards your various goals. You are setting your intention and you are attempting to align with what it is that you desire. You are serving your function as a conscious creator quite well, but as always we believe that there are insights that can be gained. For many of you, you are so close to bringing more peace and Joy into your lives and yet because you cannot see it on the horizon, you are allowing fears to cloud your knowing.

We want to remind you today of how this process of reality creation truly works, and in doing so we want to show you how to tweak your process, so as to allow more abundance and Joy into your life. When you ask – this is of course the first step. You must always ask for what it is that you desire. You must always set the intention to bring forth what is wanted, but what many of you are missing is the acceptance of what has been requested as what IS for you NOW. Many of you place your order, say your prayers and say ok this will come to be one day. BUT what you fail to see is that it is this projection of a future creation that will grace you with its presence one day, which causes an infinite loop of waiting. What you must come to see is that as a conscious creator there is no difference between asking and receiving. Asking IS receiving if you allow it to be so and if you remember that the physical world “time” that it takes for something to manifest is not an indication if it is part of WHAT IS for you or not. You must come to see that the moment it is intended is the moment that it IS. It exists for you NOW, it exists in the very moment it is conjured in the purest form of intention and non-physical being.

And so when this intention is set forth, the last step is for it to be mirrored onto the physical, which in reality has nothing to do with you - it is all up to Source. You are simply to ask and allow. But as we have said, many of you ask and as you do not see it on the horizon you begin to allow fears of doubt to enter your mind, which are a sure indication that you do not truly believe that your creation IS. Know that once it has been intended IT IS. Live every moment, speak every word, knowing that your creation is. Do not doubt, do not have fear that THE ALL can bring you what you desire. Intend and allow to be – it is really that simply. Have faith in the process and know that what truly exists is beyond form and so when you have created it – IT TRULY exists and is beginning the process of mirroring into your physical reality. YOU CAN DO THIS. ALL of you are capable of powerful and amazing things. You simply have to find the strength and knowing to believe that you are. We love you dearly and we thank you for this time. As always it is an honour to guide you and we are so very eager to see what you accomplish in this most amazing year of 2015. Love and light and all things bright <3 Your Elemental and Faerie Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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