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Be The Change

“Hello dearest physical Family of Light – it is I, Archangel Michael. I come to you today to discuss a most urgent matter. Today I want to take some time to guide you into this new year, by assisting you in ensuring that you keep your thoughts, actions and words, vibrationally aligned with the new world order that you desire for your Self and ultimately the world. Today we are going to take a more serious tone to our message, because you are ready to address the core issues within your Self and in doing so, shed light on these same issues manifesting on an ultimately global scale. So where to begin? Well firstly, I believe it is most essential that we address the many situations occurring in your media at the moment. There are small scale wars, there is lack, there is destruction, there is terrorism, and there is hatred and separation that abounds. Today what I want to remind you of is what these manifestations are a true resemblance of. They resemble YOU – they resemble your neighbor! The Collective Mind has produced a large scale physical manifestation, so that one could then address their current actions and determine how they would like to see the world change moving forward.

You think that your own manifestations are a mirror to your thoughts, well – the large scale manifestations are no different. Many wonder how it is that they can truly make a difference in all of this tragedy and sadness that you perceive. And the answer to this is to stop feeding the perceived problem! When you share your thoughts of hatred, of separation and judgement – when you choose to fester energy that is in relation to these negative things you perceive, you are no better than those that single handedly wield the ax. For you are also giving your precious energy to ensure its continued existence. Can you not see dearest one that your greatest gift is your strength to see what exists and choose a different path? Your job in this life is to forge a new trail; to see what is unwanted and say that you will no longer give your attention to it and in doing so, focus all of your creative energy on the world you want to create. For the truth of the matter is that it will take many of you to shift your attention from fear, lack and separation, before the collective will begin to reflect a change. It will take many of you who choose to no longer fester and encourage fear IN ANY DEGREE, for this world to truly change.

So start today. Stop being an advocate for the fear and be an advocate for the change. Without your attention to the new world order – and your attention to IT alone – IT CAN NEVER COME TO BE! Remember today how powerful you are and remember that what you give your attention to IS WHAT WILL COME TO BE. No longer choose to support the world that you fear on your TV screens and choose to support that wold that you were sent here to create. Be brave, do not be sheep to disoriented and unaware Sheppards. Be the example you were always meant to be. In these times of great change and rapid growth it is so essential that you remember how powerful you are, that you remember that you are here to create changes – to create ripples that will produce drastic outcomes. Remember that although others may be comfortable in their current mindsets of fear mongering, and gossip of said fear mongering, you must be different. You must change the way your mind perceives the world and your place in it and you must stand up for all that you say is important to you. Be brave, be wise, be diligent and you will produce the changes you desire to see in this world. I love you dearly and will be with you always. In honour of your services on the ground, I applaud you for your effort thus far and I thank you for the work you will continue to do in the name of All That Is. <3 Archangel Michael.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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