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“Good morning to our most precious family. We are most excited to have this opportunity to share our perspectives. It is always a fine day when we are given the chance to assist you in your own growth and expansion. We are the Ascended Masters, those who have come and gone and proven ourselves to be great protectors of the ways of the truths and divine nature of all that is. We come to you today, because we would love nothing more than to share these truths that we have discovered with you, so that you may lead a life full of abundance and Joy. Today we want to speak with you about the overflowing abundance available to you now.

At this point in time, many of you would address your current situation and say that you most certainly do not have what one would refer to as an abundant life. I.e. – your car is old, your house is not sufficient, you are ill, etc., etc. Many look at your life and you say, “Well there is certainly more abundance that I could be experiencing”. Today we are not going to state the same thing that has been said repeatedly. Indeed, we will not simply say that if you desire more in your life, you need only direct your thoughts to allow it. We will not say this because we believe you already accept this premise and yet there is something else that is still missing for you. Instead, we want to remind you of one important truth in this universe. YOU ARE GETTING THE ABUNDANCE YOU ARE SEEKING. In every moment of every day, you are receiving abundance. You are seeing the fruits of your labour and the trophy for your race, so to speak. The abundant Source Energy that flows to you is always fulfilling your desires and always bringing you that which you have asked for. And so in this sense, you are always abundantly receiving what you desire. And alas, this will also not allow your mind to comprehend the simplicity with which you can create. And so we will remind you of another truth.

Reality Creation is not about finding your Self in a place of allowing all that you desire through copious amounts of wishes and thoughts directed towards what it is that you desire. Reality Creation is about getting out of the way of what it is you say you truly desire. You have created so many systems to allow your Self to stay in vibrational alignment, when in reality all you need do is get out of the way of what you want. For you see – as we have stated – Source Energy is naturally abundant. It always seeks to bring you your greatest Joy – but in the case of many it becomes a distorted version of abundance, which then becomes a “nightmare”. You see, it is you who distorts this abundant energy into a form of abundance that does not reflect your desires. It is you who stands in the way of your desires and says, “I could be happy, but why not give me pain instead.” You make this choice and you can so easily choose another route. Today decide that you will not work so hard on trying to force the reality you desire and instead get out of the way of the optimal natural abundance that flows to you. Let it go. Do not fight what is coming. When thoughts of worry, fear, separation and anxiety begin in any degree, simply affirm that you are no longer choosing to stand in the way of your natural good. Choose to redirect your thoughts and in doing so, you will find that what you desire flows to you without copious amounts of thought manipulation, visualisations and affirmations, which many believe are necessary to create what you desire. Reality creation is not difficult, but you have all created these systems to once again make your Selves believe that it is. Simply allow what will be to be. Without worry and fear and the optimal resource to assist you on your path will always be. It is law. We love you dearly and we thank you for this time. We will speak again very soon. Love your Ascended Master Brothers/Sisters.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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