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Self Acceptance

“What a most wonderful day to have this opportunity to share our perspectives with you. We are most eager to share so that we may assist in your personal growth and expansion and in doing so, assist All That Is. Today we are going to take some time to discuss this concept of Self-Acceptance, but of course not entirely in the way you might think. We believe it is important that we begin to delve deeper and beyond the superficial meaning of concepts such as these. And why do we propose this? Well because it is time of course. It is time for new understandings and new insights to assist you in moving forward. And so we ask you to begin stepping out of your comfort zone. Go where you have been afraid to wander, because it is now time to begin the next phase of learning. And so when we preach to you about Self-Acceptance let us propose what we truly mean.

The physical body that you see, the form that encompasses a much greater YOU essence, is truly a remarkable thing. It is a mechanism unlike anything else on your planet. It has been equipped with capabilities that have allowed you to thrive in the various aspects of your life. You yourself have sensed these wonderful capabilities and likewise has your nations – as evident by your choice to crown your species as the Alpha on your planet. But what the majority of you are failing to see is the true magnitude and power that your physical conduits hold. Where there is a physical body, there is a much greater being expressing through physical form and this in itself suggest limitless potential. For you see, the body that you perceive before you was created as tool that you can use to simply walk and talk OR a tool that can be utilized to perform miracles! Tasks that would appear so outlandish and science fiction no doubt, and yet it is all within your realm of capabilities. The human brain is capable of functions so great that if utilized would truly earn you the title of Alphas on your planet.

But what most fail to see – or really fail to accept – is that the limitations that you place on your Self are in fact what is holding you back from reaching this astounding potential. What most of you fail to see is that you – by choice – only utilize a small fraction of your brains potential! Today we want you to begin to truly accept Self. We want you to accept the power that you hold and to see the vessel that is the physical form as the mighty conduit that it is. Understand that it has been fashioned with capabilities far greater than you have currently unleashed. It is time that you begin to release the fear that holds you and traps you in a jail cell of your own making. It is time that you see that the potential of the physical body is need of unleashing! Remember that while you are here as a physical being, as a soul expressing in physical form, you are capable of living any life that is required for growth and expansion. You have lived lives where you were meant to be a beggar, to be sick, to be poor, to be weak – in fact you have lived many, many lives choosing to operate only limited functions of the brain. You have spent numerous lives suppressed and choosing to lockout your true potential, merely for the experience of it. And alas a time has come where you are now ready to see the truth. A time has come where you are ready to utilize the physical form to the maximum potential it was created for. For you see dearest one, the body was created to simply exist OR to EXCEL, based on the lifetime that you choose to partake in. It could remain blind to its true potential and dormant to the true capacity of its abilities OR it could awaken to the truths, expand in consciousness and become a Master that walks the Earth. It is time to achieve the latter. It is time to become the Great Master that you have always been capable of becoming. It is time to release the fear and the obstacles that you allow to detain you and it is time for Self-Acceptance. Acceptance of your true power, acceptance of your true nature and acceptance of what the human form is truly capable of! Release, Allow and let the inner Master come out and play! We love you dearly <3 Your Angelic Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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