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Overcoming Anger

“Good afternoon to our most beloved physical Family of Light. Today Archangel Raphael and I, Archangel Michael, have come forward to deliver a most important message to you. We will begin this message with an explanation of our topic and then proceed to introduce our proposed method of transmutation. Today we would like to discuss Anger.

For the vast majority of you, there are often times when you are faced with bouts of anger. For some it passes quickly, but for others it is far more severe and destructive. What begins as a minor temper tantrum escalades into a full blown example of separation and fear. Let us begin by first explaining what is occurring. What most fail to see in this moment of separation and fear is the true choice that they possess to select a different vibration. Most people claim that their brains and emotions somehow have a power over them, which makes them act in ways that they do not wish to. When in reality nothing is farther from the truth. All thoughts and all actions are choices. And so we remind you that in these moments of anger, there is always a choice available to shift on command and find the peace that you desperately desire. Now in these moments where anger begins to build and one’s vibrational point of attraction begins to shift – this is more accurately what is occurring: in all cases the individual has found them Self faced with some form of “stimulant” that causes discomfort. This stimulant although perceived as extremely irritating at the time, triggers the emotional indicator not because it is truly irritating, but because there is conflict in the minds data that leads one to believe that what is being experienced is “bad” and not desired. Allow us to explain further.

For most when they reach this point of irritation and an eventual outburst of anger, they somehow believe that another has wronged them. They believe that another person, animal, or inanimate object has somehow plotted to annoy them and produced this anger within them. Well in reality that is not the case. The fault of the anger lies completely with the experiencer of said anger. But what occurs is that the individual experiencing this anger is oblivious to their creation of it, as they do not fully understand WHY this anger is produced in the first place. When the mind is provided with any experience, the mind will then produce previously collected similar data to assist in one’s current experience. This will include both perceived good and bad experiences relative to the current experience. In the case of anger, the relevant information is always based on bad experiences. Now instead of one simply saying, “Ok, I understand and accept what is occurring in my current situation and I understand the previous data that has come forward showing me how I have fared in similar situations”, most individuals go into a panicked state believing that their relevant thoughts are somehow predicting the future. They believe that they are now about to be forced into some unwanted situation out of their control, and the body goes into complete defense mode. Hence the Anger. The body proceeds to move into attack mode believing that it in some way is in need of defence. When in reality the need for defence was a merely a creation of the mind.

Truly this is the root of separation. This perceived notion that another has wronged you against your will. This idea that another can do something to you that you have not first allowed your Self. It is truly strange to watch as humans continue down the path of projection, blaming this and that for the things that they do and the way they reacted. And all the while they never stop to look at the person who chooses their path – the person who chooses every action, every decision and every word. Is it not you that is in charge? So what then do we propose for those of you that are plagued with anger, anxiety and fear? Those that find themselves in continual downward spirals of emotional festering that they are “unable” to remove themselves from. Well firstly we want you to realize that there is always a choice. You are in charge and you can shift your attention at the very moment that you intend it to be so. We propose that you learn mental control and you find the strength within you to walk away when the emotions begin to fester. We encourage you to understand and embrace how the mind truly works and recognize that not all thoughts are “thoughts” as you currently understand them and in reality many thoughts are merely past data being conjured to assist you in your current experience. Do not allow previous data to allow you to become flustered and throw you off your game – so to speak. Know the powerful creative being that you are and know in the moment of a Self misalignment that you have the power to choose a new path. You have the power to give the mind new data of how to respond with compassion, love, patience and discipline. Begin today to break these old habits that hold you back. Accept your power – not excuses – and remember who is truly in charge here. We love you dearly and we thank you for this time together. It is always a pleasure to share our perspectives with you. Love and light <3 Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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