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You Cannot Fail

“Dearest physical Family of Light, what an honor it is to speak with you today. I come to you now to deliver a most important message about hope and courage. I come to you today to remind you of why you are here and what you must do! Today I want to begin by explaining who it is that you truly are! You are a nonphysical being – an extension of Source Energy. A mighty creative being who has chosen to come into physical form so that you may expand and grow and in doing so, expand All That Is. In addition to this, you are a growth seeking being that has committed yourself to being of service to others in their own growth and expansion experience. Now what does this mean? This means you are here to be an advocate of the Truths. You are here to show the world what humans are really capable of and you are here to show the world that humanity is really only a fraction of the truth of your existence. For you see dearest advocate of the truths, you have chosen to take on this task because you, yourself have done it many times before. You have chosen to take on this tasks because YOU are a great expert and only you were perfect for the unique role you are required to play. It is essential that you begin to remember who you truly are and embrace your global purpose.

There are many of you who have already begun to fulfill your function. You are showing the world the truths and you are doing so with great pride and little effort. And then there are those of you that are still in the data collection phase and are taking the required essential steps to the fulfillment of your own personal function. Neither scenario is better or worse, for they are both fulfilling the same role and only differ in their progression. If you find that you have not achieved the steps you have deemed necessary for your particular function, please know that this is because you are not looking at the bigger picture. You are not understanding that where you are now is a necessary prerequisite to where you will be and you are not acknowledging that you are succeeding in every step forward that you take. Do not fear the process of growth and expansion and instead accept and embrace it. Know that you cannot fail, and move forward with a sense of eagerness and excitement as the next step and the next step and the next step is revealed. If you are finding a struggle in the Self Expansion process then you are performing your tasks with an unnecessary “this must be work” mentality. Stepping into the role of a Conscious Creator and bringing the optimal resources into your experience, is seamless and easy. It is not copious amounts of work. So if you perceive a struggle, it is time to take a step back. It is time to accept where you are and enjoy the step you are in now, knowing that it will take you to the next required step and the next. Know that you are not doing anything wrong and that where you are now is part of the process of success. You succeed with every step and intention you set to move forward. You cannot fail. I love you dearly and I thank you for this time. Have faith in your self and know what you are capable of. You cannot fail if you believe you cannot fail. You can do it! <3 Archangel Michael.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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