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“It is with great pleasure that I take the stage today to deliver a message to you! It is I, Archangel Gabriel, and I am most overjoyed and filled with absolute honour to fulfil this task. Today I want to deliver a most important message on Forgiveness. This subject has been discussed many times by this channel, as well as many others, but today I want to look at this concept from a new perspective. I want to explain to you how forgiveness is essential in your own personal growth and expansion and ultimately your global function in this world. So many attach labels to this concept of forgiveness. They assume that forgiveness is necessary to “pardon” another for wrongs that they have done. They perceive it as some sort of special gift they impart upon another, when they are ready. But in reality this is the not the truth. True Forgiveness is not about pardoning another at all, in fact it is merely about choosing to let go. In a moment of True Forgiveness one realizes that the traditional concept of forgiveness is really not necessary. They realize that all that is perceived to require forgiveness was merely a necessary part of their growth and expansion. When many believe that they have forgiven another in the sense of needing to pardon, they have in fact not forgiven at all and merely masked the attached energy that will need to be transmuted at another time. True Forgiveness does not involve releasing a physical situation, it involves releasing the energy that is the root of the manifested physical situation.

What many fail to see is the synchronicity of life. The necessity of all of life’s events to get you where you are now. What many refuse to admit is that without every single step you have taken you would not be here, right now, at this point in time. And so from this perspective, what is there to forgive? If what has been done to you was a necessary part of your path – is it not gratitude that is warranted. Of course this can be a most difficult thing for humans to perceive, when they feel that they have been wronged greatly by another. But the fact of the matter is that this path was deemed a required part of your growth and expansion, as difficult as that can be to accept. I understand that so many of you struggle with this concept of forgiveness. You want to let go, but you cannot so easily do so. Well today I want to remind you of why that is. It is because you are not understanding what forgiveness truly is. You are not seeing that there is no pardon needed and in reality you must simply choose to release your own personal attachment to the energy that caused the situations that bother you so. It is these energetic patterns that created a multitude of events in your life and they will only continue to mirror onto the physical plane into different situations throughout your life, UNTIL you finally deal with the root cause and move on.

You are not asked to simply say that what another did to you was OK; you are not to pretend that it did not hurt and that it was not unwanted form a physical perspective. BUT what you must do is recognize the necessity of it for your path. You must recognize the patterns that led to it and the energy that is continued as a result of it. Look deeper within the superficial problem and see the root cause of why this situation manifested and how you can learn from it. Again easier said than done, especially when dealing with events deemed by the physical mind to be of a horrific nature. But within all events one can see the products of thought patterns, societal influence, and basic human fears. In all events one can see the by-product of the energies surrounding them from both a personal and societal perspective. Be careful with your harbouring of anger and your unwillingness to forgive, for what you do not see is that this energy is inhibiting your global work. You anger, blame and unwillingness to accept your path, prevents you from accepting true oneness and realizing that the path of all others is one with your own. You fail to see the divine order to all things and the truth in all situations. You fail to see your true connectedness to all that is and as a result, how can you yourself then be an example to others? How can you show the world that we are one? How can you show others that true peace can be found, if you cannot find it your Self? Today it is time to understand your path. It is time to appreciate how far you have come and where you will go. It is time to give gratitude to all who have played a role in your life and the energies that they themselves were forced to take on so that they could fulfill the role you needed in your life. For you must see dearest ones, they are serving you whether you currently understand it or not, and in them providing a resource for growth and expansion for you, they will as well be given the opportunity for powerful growth. It is all connected and it is all necessary. I love you so very dearly. I watch over you with pride and am eager to support all who require my assistance. You will do so very well in your role of the example, each and every one of you. But to fulfill this function you must work diligently at your own self-healing. I love you now and always. <3 Archangel Gabriel.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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