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Be The Student

“Hello to my Family of Light. What a privilege and Joy it is to have this opportunity to instruct you! I am most eager to deliver this message, because I believe many of you will benefit from my words. I will begin by introducing myself. I am your brother, your guardian, your friend – Archangel Raphael. Although many of you already know who it is that I am, for those of you that are less familiar with me, I am but one of your brothers. One who wants nothing more than to assist you on your journey! And so how can I best do this? By teaching you of course! It is through the Teacher-Student relationship that man and nonphysical alike, truly learn. It is via the spreading of knowledge and the allowance of truths that one truly grows and expands. And so what is it that I can teach you? Well today I want to speak to you about the importance of the Teacher-Student relationship. Many have reached a point in their spiritual learning where they have begun to feel as though others are at a consciousness “below” them. They look down upon others, unknowingly implying that they are somehow superior. Well what I can tell you today is that this perception of superiority is inaccurate.

Simply because I am a being who understands, comprehends, and perceives more than your Self, this does NOT mean that I am above you. For if you had experienced, seen and appreciated all that I have – you would no doubt find your Self in precisely the same place as I. There are many who act in such a superior manor and they themselves do not even see this to be true. They have forgotten the beauty within the individual path and they have forgotten that each person is precisely where they are supposed to be, at every single point in time. And so if this is true, if each is where they are supposed to be based on their individual requirements for growth, then how can one be deemed as superior? In many cases spiritual people take on this role of “superior spirituality” believing that they are superseding the mentality and values of those that are not considered “spiritual” – and yet what they fail to see is that by placing themselves on this pedestal they are only continuing the advocacy of separation and the class structures that they despise so much. It is not for one to say that another is better or worse and it is not for one to say that they are somehow more “advanced”. All are simply where they must be and ALL are getting it right.

And so what is the point of this? Well, I say this simply because I want to remind you of the importance of the Teacher-Student relationship. I want to remind you that your greatest growth can be achieved by interacting with ALL of your brothers and sisters, not simply via those that you deem worthy of your time. By you choosing to be a “teacher” for them, you are also allowing them to be a teacher for you. And to be quit frank, those of a spiritual nature who associate with those deemed not of a “spiritual nature”, are really gaining/giving so much more by solely focusing on partaking in the student role. While many may perceive these teachers as superior, they are truly learning how to maintain their own vibration, they are learning compassion, they are learning to be accepting and allowing of the individual path and they are learning how to blend into the world. They are not hiding with others like themselves, others who do not desperately need their light. They are not shutting themselves away because they fear the challenge of the real world. NO, these beings who choose to be the perpetual student are putting themselves out there to learn and to STUDY. This is what I encourage you to do today. Be the student. Take a break from worrying about being the teacher and simply be the STUDENT. You will grow and expand that much quicker if you study your strengths and release your fears by facing them bravely. DO NOT be afraid to immerse yourself within those that do not believe as you do, for how will they expand their own knowing and step into the student role, if you do not teach them? It is time to begin truly fulfilling your role, by being the example you were meant to be. Be the perpetual humble student. Know that your journey of learning has only begun and eagerly immerge your Self into the world allowing your Self to master all that you have learned. I love you dearly and I thank you for this time. <3 Archangel Raphael.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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