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A Message To All Mothers

"Hello to the lovely readers of this message! I am most honoured to have my perspectives heard. It is with great Joy that I single myself out from our Angelic Family, to deliver a message about the role of the modern mother. This is a message that I deliver with a great sense of pride and with great honour. And so I suppose I shall begin by explaining who I am. I am Archangel Jophiel and I give my time now to show my respect to the females on your planet! What a wonderful time to be a woman. What a wonderful time to represent the feminine energy in physical form. I look at all of you beautiful strong women and I am filled with awe. You have grown in a world filled with such intense energies and yet here you are, a woman proud of her beliefs and proud to speak her mind. It is so beautiful to see. And so why do I want to deliver this message to you today -what is the point of it? Well, I want to remind you all today of your role in this modern world. It is no surprise that the times have changed. You are no longer solely bearing children and merely playing the role of housewife. You are so much more these days. Many of you have your own careers – many of you your own passions on the side. You are soccer moms, you are cleaners, you are taxies, you are grocery shoppers and chefs – you are a vast array of different roles all jam packed into one little woman. And so you play these roles believing that this is all you are. Simply A MOM. The jack of all trades woman who does whatever she must, whenever she must, to please her family. Well today I want to remind you of a few things.

You are not simply a mom, you are not simply a woman who was put on this earth to bear children. You are a WOMAN. You are the divine feminine energy expressing in physical form. You are a sacred being who is powerful beyond measure. Your role in this life is not to simply be a good mother. Well of course that is part of it ;), but this is not who you are in your totality. Dearest proud mothers, dearest proud women, you must come to see the true beauty and power that you hold to do it ALL. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to chase your dreams and aspire to great things. No longer must the modern woman sit in this box of rules that state you must simply have your children and raise them quietly, subservient to the dominant males. NO. You are a woman of modern times and you have all the freedom you desire, to do what it is that you desire. Of course there are many that would say that they are still experiencing suppression of their feminine voice, many who would say that they cannot experience the freedom that I speak of. And to these brave souls I will say, do not give up hope. You will change this world. As a brave proud woman you will show the world what females are capable of and you will fight for the equality that your world needs! Powerful women that read this message, know how essential you are. Know that you are the nurtures, the creators of life. You are sacred in every single way and you have within you great power to create your life of dreams. Step out of these paradigms that tell you, you are simply to be a mother and KNOW that you are meant to be so much more. Stand in your power. DO IT ALL!

I sincerely thank you for this time and implore all of you that require my assistance to call on me. I will guide you by offering loving encouragement. I will assist you in taking care of you for a change and I will show you just how truly beautiful you are. All of my love and support Archangel Jophiel."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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