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Learning To Cope

“Hello dearest physical Family of Light. It is a great honour to speak with you today. I am your brother in love and light – Archangel Zadkiel. Today I have come forward to deliver a message, which I strongly believe will assist you in your own personal growth and expansion. There is so much going on in your world at this time - so much that seems to be of a tragic nature. Many of you have come to a point where you can no longer stand the sight of your news programs, and so you have begun a period of “hermatism” where you shut your Self away. I want to take some time to talk to you about what is occurring in your world and how you can best cope with it.

Tragedy is never an easy thing for humans to comprehend. You see suffering, and you instantly see the events though compassionate eyes and long to take the suffering away. Well of course, it could be argued that some do not operate this way – but in truth the vast majority of you do. You are hardwired to feel your connection to your brothers and sisters, and so it is only natural for you to wish that they did not suffer. Well in this particular case, there are two key things going on inside of you. One you are perceiving compassion and you are wishing only love and peace for your family and two you are creating the mindset that what they are experiencing is bad. Now, to the human mind this concept of “bad” is key to your very existence. In fact, it is the very core of the illusion you find your selves in - this concept of a duality based world, where there is good battling against the bad. As I have said, it is most certainly human nature to label these events that you do not wish upon another as bad and shout no at them. But what I propose is that you begin to rise above this limiting concept of duality. It is of course an obvious statement when I say that you should not want another to suffer – but in the same respect you should never wish to take away what causes growth and expansion. It is not for you to judge the events that are deemed necessary for one’s path and it is not for you to say that you know better than the individuals’ souls, as to which steps are required for OVERALL growth. Humans are always looking at the smaller picture. Always seeing what is in the current moment, instead of understanding the cause and eventual outcome of what is being perceived. You do not understand what you are perceiving, because you cannot see past it.

Now when we analyze the global events that many of you choose to label as bad and run away from, this is essentially what you are doing. You are saying that you despise all of these events and you wish you could change them, simply because you do not understand them. But this is not the role of the Lightworker – the great advocate of truth. You are not to fight against anything. You are to set an example and allow the world to save itself. The world does not need you to tell it what is right. The world needs you to show it the way through your most powerful example. The world needs to understand that there is a CHOICE! So what I propose to you dearest one, is that you stop running from what you are afraid of. Stop shouting no at it and labelling it as bad. It is time to understand that growth is often achieved through being forced to address where reprogramming is needed. How can one overcome, if they cannot clearly see what must be overcome?

It is time that you focus your attention on acceptance, understanding and true compassion and in doing so, you will then be able to shift your attention to greater and brighter things – not out of fear – but because you know your attention is best used elsewhere to help bring about choice and ultimately change! Be brave dearest advocates of the truth. Be brave and be honest in your works. I love you dearly and I thank you for this time. <3 Archangel Zadkiel."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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