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Change Is Coming

“Good day to our dearest fellow members of the Family of Light. We are most pleased with this opportunity to have our perspectives heard. It is not every day that we have a chance to communicate through this channel, and so we will bask in the Joy that this opportunity brings. We are the Arcturians and we come to you today to share part of the vast knowledge that we have gained. We are but one part of the family of light, and like your human species we hold our own knowledge – gained through the collective of our Arcturian Family. Today, we want to take some time to discuss the topic of your global affairs. We are most eager to offer our perspectives, for there once existed a time when our planet was on the cusp of a mass ascension, and we were very much in the same boat as you – so to speak. At the current moment your planet is in the thrall of intense energies. Much of this is due to recent astronomical events, but the majority is the result of a great shift in the collective consciousness occurring due to these days of great change. There is so much shifting and so much changing. What one could perceive with a negative mindset, can also be analyzed and interpreted to support the theory of great change coming. Change – this is really what ascension is all about. Change in perspective, change in action and change in the overall way of life.

It can often be perceived as a most troubling time, as the majority of you have not yet reached a state of consciousness to allow you to see past the darkness. But we assure you the day will come when ALL of you understand the necessity for the events that are about to unfold on your planet. There will be upsets within your governments and pending wars, but we want to remind you of, dearest brothers and sisters of the light, is that this must occur to show where change is needed. Amidst our greatest political struggles in the Arcturian culture, we learned the best ways to keep the peace and eliminate the ruling of tyrants and those that are simply power hungry. We too needed to purge the old mindsets to make way for a new way of thinking: one that is free, one that is outside the box and one that allows true equality for all. SO in these days to come where you will see your governments tested and your political values tested, it is time for you to understand the greater picture. It is time for you to see that change is needed and that equality must be supported in order to move forward, towards a world of true peace and freedom.

Be strong, do not give your attention to that which does not perpetrate the world you want to see. Be strong and be the great example that the world needs. Be strong and be the Advocate of Truth that you truly are. Do not be afraid to support change, for it is this change that will assist the world in its collective shift to a greater depth of consciousness. We have greatly enjoyed this time. We are here to offer our support and guidance, as your planet ascends into the greatest period humanity has ever known. We thank you for this time and we send you our sincerest hopes for a smooth transition into the light. <3 Your Arcturian Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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