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Mental Purification

“It is with great pleasure that we come forward today to share our perspectives with you. We are your brothers and sisters of the light – your Ascended Master Family. We are so very eager to share our words with you, as we feel that our words can offer great encouragement and hope at this time. We are pleased and filled with great pride, as we look upon the progress you have made this year. To have come so far in such a short time, is of course a task that must be applauded. Although you may not perceive progress in every moment that you experience physical reality, you most certainly have taken great leaps forward in every single moment you have experienced. You are shedding old beliefs, you are releasing that which no longer serves you and you are moving forward – always forward. We applaud you and commend you for your amazing work thus far. Today we want to speak to you further about Mental Purification.

We are eager to watch all of you, as you begin to purge. You purge that which does not serve you in your daily lives: in your diet, in your practices, in your personal possessions. We are most pleased to see this. Learning to allow what serves you best and brings you optimal Joy, is a most marvelous aspect of the great transition. However, what we would like to remind you of today is where true purification must take place. Many beings who are taking on this great transition from a superficial mindset, will begin the process believing they must purge what they are told to purge. They change their diets, they release their physical belongings and then they say – “Well look at me, I am the most spiritual person and I am doing it right!” These people believe that attaining an elevated consciousness is obtain purely through a physical means and by living by some sort of “textbook” spiritual example. Again, we applaud you for your changes thus far, but remember being spiritual from a physical perspective is not what this great transition is all about. It is about mental transformation!

What we encourage is a great purification of your mind and of your energy. What we propose is mental control and learning to purge that which truly hinders your growth: your mental thought patterns and limiting beliefs. So many “spiritual beings” believe they must follow all of the physical rules on how to be spiritual, and yet they leave the greatest burden of all within their minds. They neglect to purge that which truly holds one back. They forget that ascension has nothing to do with your physical reality, and it has everything to do with re-emerging your consciousness with that which exists beyond your physical plane. So today, we want to remind you to focus on Mental Purification. We want to remind you to put your focus where it must be, to attain the level of consciousness you desire. Focus on your goals in the physical, release what you must, but do not act as a foolish man and try to attain that which is not physical – from a purely physical perspective. Purge that which must be purged from a mental perspective and you will find the great peace that you desire. Purge from a mental perspective and you will allow resources in the physical beyond your wildest imagining. Purge from a mental perspective and you will truly know what it means to be a spiritual being. We love you dearly and we thank you for this time. We send you our sincerest well wishes and all of our love and support. <3 The Ascended Masters.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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