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The Power Of Letting Go

"We are always thrilled with the opportunity to offer our perspectives to you and of course today is no different. Today we have a most important message to offer you about the power of letting go. We want to discuss this because we believe there are many of you that are struggling so greatly against what it is that you desire and yet you do not realize that it is this struggle that is preventing you from achieving your goals. It is believed by so many that conscious reality creation involves copious amounts of work – ample visualizations and affirmations where you will brainwash your Self to the point of allowing what you desire. To this we say that you are going about it the hard way. Conscious reality creation is not about adding anything to your regiment; it is about stripping away! What prevents you from having what you desire is the content that runs through your mind on a daily basis: the thoughts, the worries, the limiting beliefs. This is what prevents your dreams. If you are to strip away this content, then voila you would instantly have what it is that you desired. Easier said than done of course :) And so you have found your “band-aid” solution by creating this work for your self. This routine where you keep your mind distracted by so much mental work, which you believe will bring you what you desire. But the intention beneath it all cannot be changed dear ones. That is the truth of what you are attracting and what you are manifesting will always display the truth of your intention.

SO, what do we propose then? Well, we propose that you worry less about trying to brainwash your Self with so much work and false efforts and we suggest that you put in the same effort learning to release that which worries you so. Let go of the fears, let go of the doubt and in doing so you will find the peace of mind that you desire and with it your physical manifestations will follow suit. Once you find peace in your thoughts, the physical plane – as a mirror to the mental – will have no choice but to conform to YOUR thoughts. The physical plane will then mirror the same thoughts of wellbeing, abundance, health and joy that you have directed to Source Energy as your blueprint for your physical reality. Can you not see that it is not meant to be difficult? It is not meant to be work to create! Simply learn to let it go. Find the method that works for you and learn to let go of all of the programming that no longer serves you. Find your peace on the mental plane and watch as all that you perceive in the physical adapts to your new desire for Joy. Find peace on the mental plane and allow the natural abundance of Source Energy to bring the optimal resources to assist you on your path. It is truly that simple and it is only you that makes it difficult. Let it go and be free. We love you dearly and we thank you for this time. We will speak again soon. All of our love, your Ascended Master Family”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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